10 Great Movies Like Sweet Home Alabama You Need To See

Iris (Kate Winslet) and Amanda (Cameron Diaz) are the ill-fated love-struck duo of ‘The Holiday’, heading into the holiday season on opposite sides of the Atlantic. Making the spontaneous decision to swap homes for the holidays, Iris heads to sunny Los Angeles and Amanda finds herself in a quaint, snowy village in Surrey. They explicitly state that their reason for their respective trips is to avoid men at all costs, but Iris meets Amanda’s co-worker Miles (Jack Black) and Amanda is Iris’ handsome brother. When a certain Graham (Jude Law) woos them, Love quickly finds them. .

“Sweet Home Alabama” proves that home is where Melanie’s heart rests, while “The Holiday” shows Amanda and Iris both going home when they give up all hope of finding happiness. Switch this idea by finding love far away from. Not only do they find love, but Iris and Amanda also learn something about themselves.

Predictable and cheesy as it may be, ‘The Holiday’ is the perfect festive flick and a fascination to watch in any season. It’s comforting to see something like “Sweet Home Alabama” that has a known happy ending. “The Holiday” feels like a warm and cozy hug.

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