10 TFMA alumni taking the entertainment world by storm

While enrolled in Temple University’s School of Theater, Film, and Media Arts, students have the opportunity to act, study abroad, submit work to festivals, participate in internships, and develop close relationships with faculty. . Meet some of his TFMA alumni who have gone on to earn degrees and find success in the performing arts.

James Ejames TFM ’05
Best known as a director, educator, performer, and playwright, James Ijames grew up in Bessemer, North Carolina, and graduated from Temple University with an MFA in Acting. He has won many awards for his screenwriting, including the 2015 McNally Award for Terrance in His New Drama, the 2017 Whiting Award, the 2019 Kesselling Award, and the 2020 Steinberg Award. Ijames recently won the 2022 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for his play. fat hamShakespeare’s comedies Hamlethe told The New York Times.

Davin Joy Randolph, TFM ’09
Da’Vine Joy Randolph graduated from Temple University with a BA in Classical Vocal Performance.She played a witch in a live production while she was in Temple Into the Woodsa play that Temple has decided to revive in the spring of 2023. Randolph made her Broadway debut when she played Oda Mae Brown in ghost the musical Playing with Eddie Murphy dolemite is my name As Lady Reid, she won five awards. lost city As Beth Hatten, she works with Hollywood A-listers Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock.She currently plays Detective Williams in the Emmy-nominated series Only Murders in BuildingsRandolph has also appeared in numerous television series throughout her acting career. Ultra City Smith, chicago party aunt When Last OG

Karen Allen visiting the Charles Library in 2019.

Karen Allen TFM ’18
Karen Allen became a sensation when Ellen DeGeneres discovered a reaction video of him on YouTube in 2018. Allen has had the opportunity to host DeGeneres’ shows and has received his spot as a recurring guest covering popular events such as the Billboard Music Awards and He MTV Video Music Awards. Ellen correspondent. He also played a major role as a judge on Food Network’s He’s Discovery+ series. cake lover When supermarket piling made his feature film debut in american picklesAlso starred in a romantic comedy with loveWhile earning a bachelor’s degree in theater and film, Allen hit the wall, freeman of color In addition, many live performances.

Kunal Nayar TFM ’06
Kunal Nayyar is best known for playing Raj on the hit sitcom. big bang theoryNayyar is not only known as Raj, he also voices Vijay in the anime sitcom. Sanjay and Craig Appeared in an episode of NCIS, Offender: UKWhen Sullivan and sonand graced the big screen with Gupta’s voice Ice Age: Continental Drift both guy diamonds Troll feature film. He graduated from Temple with a Master of Fine Arts degree. While in Temple, Nayyar seagull By Anton Chekov.

Paige Smallwood in the lobby of the Hamilton show.

paige smallwood TFM ’17
Paige Smallwood has demonstrated an outstanding acting range by playing two different roles in the hit play. HamiltonIn Act 1, Smallwood is Peggy Schuyler, Alexander Hamilton’s youngest daughter and future sister-in-law, and in Act 2, she is Maria Reynolds, the estranged wife who seduces Hamilton. . Before starring in Hamilton, Smallwood played Eponine on an American tour. Les MiserablesSmallwood graduated from Temple University with a BA in Acting and Musical Arts and was recently recognized by Temple as one of the 30 Under 30 Winners of 2022.

Brian Terrell Clark TFM ’03
Brian Terrell Clarke was an actor and singer-songwriter who played Marvin Gaye. Motown: Musical on Broadway and George Washington Hamilton on Broadway. Clark has also appeared on CBS television. CSI: New York and NBC’s Mystery of Laura to Fox empire and BET’s Tyler Perry’s House of PainClarke has performed with artists such as Maxwell, Brandy, Ne-Yo and Anita Baker, and helped co-write Mary J. Blige’s track “Irreversible.” He started his own production company called Artists Park Productions. Clark graduated from Temple University with a BA in Film and Media Arts.

Jesse Williams giving a guest lecture at the 2019 Student Life event.

jesse williams TFM ’03
Jesse Williams is an actor, director, producer, and activist, best known for playing Dr. Avery Jackson on the hit series. Grey’s AnatomyHe has also graced the big screen starring in Traveling Pants Sisters 2, Brooklyn’s Finest When ButlerWilliams most recently starred as lead character Darren Lemming in the play take me outHe majored in African Studies and African American Studies, Film and Media Arts at Temple University. In 2019, he visited the Temple Performing Arts Center to discuss fame and social justice.

Shinonie Chukwu, TFM ’10
Chinonye Chukwu is a film writer, director and producer known for his drama films. pardonChukwu’s recent writing and directing to It will be released on October 7th of this year. She was the first black woman to win the prestigious American Grand Jury Award at the Sundance Film Festival. Chukwu graduated from Temple University with her MFA in Film with a focus on screenwriting and directing.

Victoria Guiteras Mayo, TFM ’11
Victoria Giteras Mayo has performed in many theaters including Ocean City, Black Box at Davenport Theatre, and Media Theatre. Mayo won the Broadway World Best Actress Award for Monty Her Python’s musical Lady of the Lake. Spama lot she also starred in dogfight, Why do fools fall in love, hair spray and will perform west side story this year. Mayo said she returned to Temple in 2018 to perform at the Chicago: 50th Anniversary Concert with several TFMA alumni. She graduated from Temple, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama and a minor in Dance.

Daniel Pinnock TFM ’10
Danielle Pinnock is an actor and writer who stars as Ms. Ingram in the popular spin-off. young sheldonShe can also be seen on the show ghost as Alberta. Not only does her bright smile grace televisions, but her voice can be heard in numerous cartoon shows on her network, DreamWorks, and Netflix. She has contributed to her Weight Watchers, National Eating Disorder Association, Buzzfeed, and more. Pinnock graduated from Temple University, where she earned a BA in Communications and Drama.

– Matthew Aquino

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