10-year-old transgender model becomes world’s youngest model to walk New York Fashion Week runway

transformer model noella
A 10-year-old girl becomes the youngest transgender model ever to walk the New York Fashion Week runway.

Noela, who transitioned at the age of four, walked the runway for Trans Clothing Company designer Mel Atkinson. The 10-year-old got her first modeling job a few years ago. Currently, she is fully booked until November 2022.

Her parents, Dee McMarr and Ray, are incredibly proud of their daughter’s accomplishments.

“Noela really isn’t nervous or intimidated by anything. She’s a little pro. She was really looking forward to going down the catwalk, seeing all the people and the cameras.” I was looking forward to it and she knows exactly how to get the crowd going.” said Dee, event director.

Noella is popular among her friends and receives many messages from other transgender children asking for advice.

She has come a long way from being a troubled toddler who often had tantrums and refused to wear clothes. Her transformation began at age four when she went to therapy and was declared a girl.

Dee and Ray feel Noella is too young to make the transition. And that’s why they’re supporting her transition and exploring her identity.

“As soon as we realized she blossomed and finally allowed herself to be herself. At the age of seven, she legally changed her name. She was a catwalk model.” I also started… It was so incredibly pure to see her accept who she was… Dee.

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