10-year-old youngest transgender model to walk NYFW runway

Transgender model Noela

Noella became the youngest trans model to walk the NYFW runway (Photo: Caters/Getty)

Meet Noella, the youngest transgender model ever to walk the New York Fashion Week runway.

At just 10 years old, Noela appeared on the catwalk of Trans Clothing Company designer Mel Atkinson.

“I’m happy that I’m already encouraging transgender children to be themselves,” the mini-model said.

Her parents, Dee McMarr, 35, and Ray, 32, are very proud of their daughter, who began her social transition at age four.

Event Director Dee said, “Noella never gets nervous or scared no matter what. She’s a little pro!

“She was so excited to be down the catwalk and excited to see all the people and the cameras. She knows exactly how to move a crowd.

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“We are so proud to have Noela as the first transgender child to appear at New York Fashion Week. We are in awe of her confidence and determination.

“Noela already has a huge number of transgender people of all ages contacting her for advice and support.

“Noela is very outspoken and a great advocate for other transgender children.

“It’s great that she’s able to provide this transgender visibility on a global scale. She’s showing them that trans can be beautiful.”

Noela was once a troubled toddler who would often throw tantrums and refuse to wear the clothes her parents tried to make her wear.

    Noella holding a magazine

Noella knew she was a girl at just 4 years old (Photo: Dee McMaher/Caters News)

Everything changed when Noela went to therapy at age 4 and declared herself a girl.

Her parents feel her daughter is too young to make the medical transition, but have given her the freedom to explore her own identity in the meantime.

“Noella had a rough start to life because she was very unhappy about being perceived as a boy,” Dee said.

“Even at the age of two, she said she wasn’t a little boy.


Her parents say she’s too young to transition medically, but allowed Noella to transition socially in the meantime (Photo: Dee McMaher/Caters News)

“She refused to wear boys’ clothes and was throwing tantrums because she was so young. She knew what she wanted, but the words to say it There was no

“She hated anything masculine and I should have known sooner, so I took her to a sex clinic.

“As soon as we realized it, she blossomed and was finally able to become herself.

“When she was seven, she legally changed her name.

“She also started modeling on the catwalk.

“Watching her accept herself for who she is was incredibly pure.

“She is fearless on stage and knows exactly how to handle an audience and a camera.”

A model walks the runway wearing Trans Clothing Company at Runway 7 Debut Fall 2022 Collection during New York Fashion Week

Noella’s modeling career is taking off after joining the Trans Clothing Company (Photo: Getty Images North America)

Noela’s career is fully on track and she is already booked as a model until November 2022.

She hopes to use her platform to inspire other trans people to embrace themselves for who they are.

“As a parent of a transgender child, it is my duty to protect her and ensure her safety,” Dee said.

“But Noela is an activist for transgender rights and she wants to put herself out there.

Noella in a tutu

She hopes to inspire other trans people to embrace their identities (Photo: Dee McMaher/Caters News)

“At 10, she’s very mature and confident for her age.

“She wants to show other transgender kids that it’s okay to transition socially and accept them for who they are.

“She is the first to tell others they are wrong when they are discriminatory.

“She is passionate about raising awareness for transgender people. She will make a difference in this world.”

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