118 Eliot presents paintings and land art by the Halifax family.entertainment

BRATTLEBORO – Halifax Family Group Show ‘Eggshells & Cheekbones’ on September 2nd from 5-8pm at 118 Elliott, Brattleboro.

The show presents recent work by Alison Crossley, Tristan Roberts and Felix Roberts. The family of three is making art together, and they are all exhibiting their work for the first time. Crossley shares a painting studio with her 10-year-old son Felix from Tristan Roberts. Tristan, meanwhile, sculpts out of rocks and boulders on land outside, documenting the process through his photographs and stories.

“Art became my freedom,” says Crossley. Crossley’s colorful, large-format canvases illuminate his 118 Elliott. “I love color and movement. My process is an intuitive choice of colors and strokes. Do not allow

Why “cheekbones”? Felix, who contributes to the show’s deliberate use of language and color, explains that the cheekbones are “the part of the body that holds the cheeks together so that the art can be fully experienced.”

Roberts writes a regular column for this newspaper called “This Spot on Earth.” 118 Visitors to his Eliot will notice his storytelling. They will also see it expanded into a gallery installation that includes stone sculptures from his farm in Halifax and documentary photography by Guildford resident Kelly Fletcher. Invite them to participate in completing the narration of the story.

Paintings and land art installations will continue to be on display at 118 Elliot through September. For more information or to see the schedule, visit alisoncrossley.org or call 704-441-5338.

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