1st anniversary of JAF “Food Security Assistance” project

Since its launch in 2021, the program has raised $436,850 to address food insecurity for 1,867 New England cancer patients and their families.

Vermont Business Magazine of Joe Andruzzi Foundation (JAF), We are happy to provide help, hope and reason to smile to New England cancer patients and their families through financial support when they need it most.Food Security Assistance Program has entered its second year helping cancer patients across New England access healthy, nutritious foods to keep cancer patients on treatment. Since its launch in 2021, the program has raised $436,850 for her 1,867 cancer patients in New England. A total of $23,800 was paid to her 107 patients in Vermont.

In December 2020, the JAF, with the support of a $50,000 grant from Stop & Shop Supermarkets, will provide external assistance in addition to financial assistance grants already provided to cancer patients across New England. Implemented a pilot food security program. In this pilot program, from December 2020 to March 2021, he funded 199 households to support 478 patients. cancer diagnosis.

After a successful pilot, the JAF officially announced its Food security assistance On August 11, 2021, ROI Communications will sponsor the patient. Additional support was received from Oncopeptide, Baring Star Insurance, and the Dunkin’ Joy Foundation.

Through this program, JAF can send grocery store gift cards directly to patients for redemption at major grocery stores including: Stop & Shop Supermarkets, Shaw’s, Big Y, Hannaford, and Market Basket. A single household receives $150.00, two to her four households $250.00, five or more households receive her $300.00. JAF Food security assistance Recipients are eligible to reapply to the program 12 months after their last grant if they still meet the JAF eligibility requirements. Patients can also apply for other JAF-supported programs.

Of the $436,850 raised since 2021, 7% ($31,750) was donated to 130 patients in Connecticut. 46% ($199,450) went to her 859 patients in Massachusetts. 19% ($83,950) went to her 352 patients in Maine. 11% ($47,800) went to her 205 patients in New Hampshire. Eleven percent ($50,100) went to her 214 patients in Rhode Island. And 5% ($23,800) went to her 107 patients in Vermont.

JAF’s Food Security Assistance Program, now in its second year, is underpinned by a $50,000 renewal of Stop & Shop Supermarket commitments. Increased grant applications across the Foundation’s grant programs when compared to the same period last year.

“The JAF has long observed that cancer patients report food insecurity as their top need, but the impact from the pandemic, supply chain issues, and rising costs have seen that decline over the past year. We’ve seen a real surge in demand,” says Jen Andruzzi. President and Chief Executive Officer of the Joe Andruzzi Foundation. “Cancer patients are incredibly vulnerable due to the nature of their disease, but this vulnerability is exacerbated by the economic and pandemic situation. We are proud to provide tailored support and provide discretion and dignity every step of the way.”

“JAF is committed to helping our corporate partners, including ROI Communications and Stop & Shop Supermarkets, recognize the tremendous need in the area of ​​food security and ensure that cancer patients across New England have enough healthy food to eat during their treatment. Thank you very much for your efforts.” Joe Andruzzi is Co-Founder and Chief Engagement Officer of the Joe Andruzzi Foundation.

The Joe Andruzzi Foundation supports people in New England battling cancer through a variety of grants, including financial assistance, special needs, food security, transportation assistance, (Up)Beat Opportunities and other resources. increase. In 2021, more than $1.075 million in grants will be awarded to his more than 3,700 cancer patients and their families to pay for housing, transportation, utilities, food, insurance and other household expenses. supported.

Donations to help New England cancer patients and their families can be made through the JAF website at https://joeandruzzifoundation.org/ways-to-give/donate/.

About the Joe Andruzzi Foundation

The Joe Andruzzi Foundation is committed to giving New England cancer patients and their families support, hope, and a reason to smile by providing financial assistance when they need it most. Founded in 2008 by former New England Patriots Super Bowl champion offensive guard Joe Andruzzi and his wife Jen, the Joe Andruzzi Foundation supports Joe’s own cancer and cancer. It grew out of the success of the struggle and the couple’s continued commitment.

young cancer patient. Joe’s football career came to an abrupt end when he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin Burkitt’s lymphoma in 2007. Less than a year after his illness, Joe and Jen decided that the cancer diagnosis was the first to help patients and families. I chose to dedicate my life to solving the financial pain it could bring to my life.For more information or to donate, visit joeandruzzifoundation.org or twitterFacebook, and Instagram pages.

NORTH ATTELLBORO, MA – (August 19, 2022)Joe Andruzzi Foundation

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