2022-23 NBA Schedule: All 5 NBA Christmas Day Games, Ranked Most Interesting to Most Interesting

The NBA typically uses Christmas to showcase its most exciting teams and players, and this year is no exception. His 2022 Christmas schedule for the league has him five games, each with something interesting. However, not all games are created equal, so here we go ahead and rank five different of his upcoming games on December 25th from most interesting to least interesting. attached.

Given the fact that they are one of only two of the ten teams to play at Christmas that didn’t make the playoffs last season, this is probably the least intriguing matchup, at least on paper. It remains to be seen if future campaigns will improve them significantly. In the last 19 games the two teams have played against, Philadelphia has won 17.

But just because it’s not as glamorous as other Christmas-related contests doesn’t mean there aren’t good reasons to enter this game. MVP runner-up Joel Embiid and former MVP James Harden have just signed new deals with the team, forming one of the league’s more dynamic dues, with them working among the league’s biggest regulars. It should be fun to watch the Season Stage. The Sixers have high hopes for this season, and the chemistry between his two players will be key to their success. Meanwhile, New York’s valuable offseason addition Jalen Branson gets the chance to wear a Knicks jersey and show Reed his abilities as a guard to a national audience.

Star power is the main attraction of this game. The Lakers may not be a legitimate Western Conference player this season (or who knows, they will be), but they still have LeBron James. As a basketball fan, I would love to see James while the fuel is still in the tank if given the chance. His time in the league is finite and while it lasts, I’m going to appreciate it. Just last season, James passed Kobe Bryant to become the NBA’s all-time Christmas scoring leader, and this year will set the record for the most Christmas games played in league history.

I can’t forget Luka Doncic either. Doncic is one of the most exciting players in the entire league and it’s always fun to see him go up against someone with James’ ability. James dominated the league for the better part of the last 20 years, but the future could belong to Doncic, so in some ways, this game could be seen as a torch-passing moment.

The game is very interesting as it features two teams that could be legitimate contenders in the Western Conference. Plus, there’s no shortage of star power. Despite the fact that he’s won his MVP award back-to-back, Nikolajokic still doesn’t seem to be given the same consistent national exposure as other stars. Skills on the big stage.

If Djokic’s running mates Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. can stay healthy, the Nuggets could be a real threat in the West, and Christmas will offer them an opportunity to send a great message. And on the other side we have Chris Paul, Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton. Phoenix stars his trio looking to bounce back after an underwhelming 21-22 campaign, and the Nuggets will give them an excellent test.

The top two games on this list represent playoff rematches from last season. The Warriors defeated the Grizzlies in his six games in the conference semifinals in May, and the series was exciting and acerbic, with a lot of trash talking about him. The previous year, it was the Grizzlies who beat the Warriors in the tournament, so it looks like a great rivalry is brewing between the two teams. His two of the league’s top point guards, Stephen Curry and Jamorant, come into their own when playing against each other.

As Morant tweeted, the teams apparently hoped to play each other on Christmas. [Draymond Green] After the game report.

If this game is anything like the semi-final series between the two teams last season, it should be a good one.

This is a battle between the last two champions of the Eastern Conference and the top two teams of the conference currently being built. The battle between them was arguably the best playoff series of last season. Ultimately, the Celtics were able to move forward, but it took him seven games. Both teams have made some adjustments to their rosters since then, so it will be very interesting to see how they fare against each other, even relatively early in the season. The game features two potential MVP contenders: Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jayson Tatum.

It wouldn’t be entirely surprising to see either of these teams represent the East again in this season’s finals, and watching them go head-to-head at Christmas will be a treat for basketball fans.

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