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37th Annual Chautauqua—Simpson Park This weekend Saturday, September 10, 9am-6pm and Sunday, September 11, 10am-4pm

The Chillicothe Area Arts Council partners with the Chillicothe Area Chamber of Commerce to showcase Chautauqua each year at the park. Hedrick Medical Center is a sponsor of this year’s event which includes a variety of entertainment, activities, artists, crafts, food and farmers markets.

The Arts Council will provide staged entertainment throughout the weekend. The stage is located in the center of the park and attracts a large crowd every year.

“This year’s entertainment stage features an incredible line-up of local and regional talent on both days of the festival,” explained Mary Lou Vandeventer, Administrator of the Chillicothe Area Arts Council. The bands include past audience favorites as well as new ones, and there’s something new to round out Sunday’s stage show. “Karaoke Performance” Chillicothe Area Arts Council.

Saturday Shows – 10am, – 5:30pm, 10:00-11:30pm . are dancing They dance the fourth Saturday of each month at the Grand River Multipurpose Senior Center. Stop by the Square Dance Booth in Chautauqua’s Traditional Arts Area for more information and instructional demos from some of our group members.

11:45……………… Best in Show Vendor Award Awarded by a professional jury to vendors who meet unique creative criteria and the highest craftsmanship. Winners will receive a beautifully framed certificate to display at their booth and a cash prize of $175. Noon — 1:30 ……Mixology (Country Rock) Who’s this group? Four friends get together and play their favorite country rock music. The group includes lead singer/guitar Terry Kinison, A/K/A “Wichita”, lead guitar/vocals Mika Heckenbach, bass guitar/lead singer Jake Cameron, and drummer Trent Cameron. The band is thrilled to be back on stage to entertain you.

2:00 — 3:30……3 Finger Charlie & The Foggamers (Country Rock) The band started playing together in 2015 when drummer Charlie Maples booked a gig at St. Joseph. Reid, his guitarist and vocalist Clint Miles, and two-finger drummer Charlie Maples, have been performing together for 16 years. As you might guess, the band’s name comes from Charlie missing three fingers on his left hand, but that doesn’t stop him from being a great drummer. Joining Clint and Charlie are longtime members of the popular band Rich Anderson, Ludlow on guitar and vocals, Ben Bowling on lap steel and guitar, and Bill Bowen on bass guitar. Musicians from these regions are delighted to be performing on the Chautauqua stage and promise to entertain guests with his style of Country Rock’s unique Foghammer.

4:00 — 5:30……Katatonics (Rock-a-billy) This group of Rockin’ Kats on stage at Chautauqua, with Zack Burk wailing, big Gretsch guitars and Dan Keller continuing the beat. Mark Williams on upright bass and drums. The Catatonic Rockabilly Trio has played music that was popular when the sound of “go cut go” was heard all over the world. The band says ‘We’re gonna have a ball’!

5:30………………Stage entertainment ends at 10am on Sunday — 11am, …..Adam & Julie Mast (Modern Christians) Adam & Julie Mast have been singing and making music together for almost 20 years They each began their musical journey at an early age. They both grew up serving worship ministries in their home churches. After their marriage, they continued to serve together at their local church. After living her five years in Nashville, the couple returned to Missouri and eventually settled in Chillicothe to raise their children and serve in the community. Their love for God and sharing their talents and musical gifts with others is a big part of who they are!

11:30 — 12:45…..Backlash (classic rock) Backlash was formed in 2021 and features Curtis Goecher, rhythm guitar & vocals, Mark Rosenbach, bass guitar & vocals, Jason Goecher, lead guitar & vocals, Charles Stone, drums. Backlash members bring decades of live performance experience to the stage. Curtis and Mark have played together in several bands over the past 15 years and consider each other “brothers from different mothers.” Charles and Jason have been performing together at church and jam sessions for several years. Note that Curtis and Jason have been playing together for quite some time as they are father and son. The Backlash guys cover classic rock songs from the 60’s through his 90’s (but it’s hard to admit that 90’s music is still considered classic rock!). .

1:15 — 3:15……Chillicothe Area Arts Council Presents Karaoke Top 10 The area’s top 10 performers, selected from a total of 19 contestants, will entertain you in a variety of genres with top-notch shows show off. Includes many of your favorite songs.

The top (3) winners are—1st place, Debbie (Emmons) Monday, 2nd place, Steve Persell, and 3rd place, Judy Kately. Her final seven contestants are—David Moore, Ben Savage, EK Bruhn, Penny Kennebeck, Tony Galvan, Jimmy Marshall and Susan Hackett.

3:15…..end of stage entertainment/People’s Choice Award Winner Announcement All Chautauqua attendees will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite vendor. The vendor with the most votes wins this award, along with bragging rights and a $50 cash prize. All poll votes will be entered into a random drawing and the winning ticket will win a $50 prize. The person doesn’t have to be there to win.

Traditional performing arts area sponsored by Green Hills Communications

Chautauqua’s Traditional Arts Coordinator Zelma Cleaveland provides education and inspiration to try new things. Depending on her art, she also offers several hands-on participation opportunities for adults and children.

This year we have a few new weavers, perhaps new spinners, in addition to some familiar faces from years ago.

Weaver anchor Jeff Reynolds demonstrates whiplash, a brand new traditional art form of the region. If you’re looking for a hobby that could actually turn into a part-time job, this might be for you. I’ve been looking for people to demonstrate this over the years, and they’re few and far between.

Tami Bagley returns with stained glass full of colorful and unique designs. She was new last year, and her cutting and fitting demonstrations were interesting to watch.The art is accessible through her guild and gallery in Cultural Corner, which regularly attracts beginners and experts alike.

Brian Horsch and Keith Nowland (newcomers last year) are also returning with two unique approaches to pottery and hands-on opportunities.

During wartime, when soldiers needed woolen socks to keep their feet from rotting in the miserable trenches, sock-making machines became popular and necessary. Some of the machines you see may be older, newer or even 3D printed versions of the original machine. Experts say a sock can be finished in 45 minutes, depending on the design.

Sarah Parris’ leather goods — Sarah makes leather goods that are not only interesting, but functional. Belts, bags, jewelry, key fobs and more. You can also engrave your design into the leather.

Wood carvings by Vernon Norris, and sometimes some friends, are always fascinating to observe the process and see what characteristics different woods have.

Blacksmithing by Willie Bagley, Bill George and a few others (sometimes even Willie’s granddaughter!) attracts many onlookers as the metal is heated, tempered and shaped into many interesting items. Blacksmiths were of great importance in each town and village for repairing wagon wheels, shoeing horses, and making other practical items. These “blacksmiths” are not under a chestnut tree, but they are sure to entertain you.

Basketry is brought to you by Ann Beem Brickey from the Warsaw area. She creates unique, artistic and practical baskets. She also taught the basics of basketry at the Cultural Corner Guild and Gallery, showing that beginners can create something useful. Usually she has something special for younger sets to try their hand at weaving.

Looms – Learn about harnesses, leads, sets, picks, heddles, beaming, warp, weft and more. Several styles of looms are used. This might be something you want to try. never say never! !

Spinning – from drop spindles to various spinning wheels. Spinning has transcended tradition and entered our time for those who love to make yarn from not only a variety of sheep, but also exotic plants and animals. There will be exhibits and demonstrations explaining the protection of . She raises sheep, dyes the fabric, spins it into yarn, and makes things out of it.

Another delight in the traditional arts area is the conservation exhibition on Sundays by one of the local agents, Adam Brandsgaard. Everyone likes to learn about the native animals of our area.

Do you like to kick your heels a little? You can come to the area for a little Peppy Promenade instruction and fun.

The Yamao Exhibition sponsored by Sonoko is located near the traditional performing arts area.

Jamie and Julie Reiter take us back to a time when there was no food and no life. A lot of preparation has been done in all aspects of frontier life. Stop by Tepee to check out their handmade cookware. It is all handmade by Jamie and used by Julia when she cooks delicious meals over an open fire. If the timing is right, you might be able to sample delicious campfire food, homemade jelly, and more. It’s a great interactive exhibit that will keep the crowd entertained.

Join us for a great family-friendly festival and offer something for everyone! Great entertainment for kids, games, fun, shopping, food, and a real trip back in time. Definitely a taste of yesteryear!

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