2022 MLB Field of Dreams Game: TV Channels, Times, Live Streams, and 4 Things You Need to Know About Iowa’s Cubs Reds

On Thursday, the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds will host the second edition of Major League Baseball’s Field of Dreams game in Dyersville, Iowa. The game is a living tribute to his iconic 1989 film Field of Dreams, which starred Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones, Amy Madigan, and the late Ray Liotta, and was the first baseball was part of the nostalgia quest for .

Opinions vary on how effective the film is, but it is arguably the most talked about and recognizable baseball movie ever made (it was also nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards). rice field). The film hinges on Costner’s farmer character’s decision to carve a diamond out of a cornfield baseball field. This is at personal risk and expense, but because a mysterious whisper instructed him:

That field is visited by the ghost of an old baseball player and a missing presence in the life of Costner’s character.

The dimensions of the movie field itself, which is now a prominent tourist destination in Iowa, aren’t big enough to hold a major league game, but the nearby stadium was built for last year’s first FoD game against the New York Yankees. The field…and the Chicago White Sox certainly captured the essence of things. Guys, there was a lot of corn. However, construction work is apparently hampering the hosting of an MLB game in Iowa next year..

So let’s take a look at what’s important to know in preparation for the second edition of the Field of Dreams game.

How to watch the Field of Dreams game

Where: Dyersville, Iowa | when: Thursday, August 11, at 7:15 p.m. ET
tv channel: Fox | Live stream: fuboTV (Try it for free)
Odds: Cubs -105; Reds -115; O/U: 9 (via Caesars Sportsbook)

Featured games | | Cincinnati Reds vs. Chicago Cubs

There are a few things you should know about the 2022 edition.

1. The Reds and Cubs wear traditional uniforms

Given that the movie Field of Dreams draws heavily from the deadball era of over a century ago, the two competing teams are appropriately rigged. It is said to look pretty good here. First, the Cubs:


This is a little mashup that works really well. The jersey and pants are from his 1929 Cubs pennant-winning campaign, and the hat is from his 1914 season.

For the Reds:

The ensemble was of particular note during the period 1914-1920. When it comes to his FoD game uniforms for 2022, the Reds’ batting his helmet can be considered an early favorite for “best of all.”

MLB has become more inclined to having mic conversations with players in the dugout and even on the field while the game is underway. The lucky/suffering players in this game are Reds first baseman Joey Votto and Cubs outfielder Ian Happ. At some point during the game they rock a two-way mic. Given Bot’s engaging presence and sense of humor, he could be an ideal fit for this sort of thing.

3. The ballpark becomes a star

Like last year, the specially constructed FoD Ballpark will be the talk of the evening. As mentioned earlier, the fields in the film aren’t suitable for his MLB games, but the fields used are thanks to decorations like manual scoreboards and 159 acres of 10-foot cornstalks all around. and captures the same essence. Adding to the ambiance is the 7-foot-tall green chain-link fence that looks like it’s playing in the middle of an Iowa cornfield.

Each team also has a Throwback logo carved into the corn just beyond the right field wall. Origin:

4. It will be difficult to surpass last year’s edition

The first FoD game involved contenders and eventual playoff teams unlike this year’s model. Similarly, White’s Sox shortstop Tim Anderson provided his one of the most memorable closing acts of the season against the Yankees.

Similarly, MLB said last year’s game “attracted nearly 6 million viewers, marking the most-watched single regular-season baseball game on any network since 1998.”

Given that the Reds and Cubs are both near the bottom of the National League Central standings and are at best vying for draft positions in 2023, the stakes are clearly much lower. That said, the venue and visuals are the true star of his FoD game, and they are at their best yet again.

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