2022: Will it be a year of slow and steady growth?

On challenging supply chain issues, Daniel Trout, partner at Hightower Financial Principles, highlights: that recession caused by a lack of oIt’s not about supply, it’s about demand and rising unemployment. Regarding the current global logistics problem, he explains:When limited to the demand is The supply chain is not advanced thereo Triggers a recession and probably won’t pull the stock market back further. ”

whole trend

Trout explains that consumers are in “excellent condition” of record high savings accounts, brokerage accounts, 401(k)s and stocks.can spend more money. Trout added that interest rates are expected to remain low through 2022, indicating that the Federal Reserve may not raise interest rates until the third or fourth quarter of this year. says. the third eAn economic stimulus is the recent Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which includes $550 billion for bridges. tunnel and other infrastructure, expected to generate construction jobs and other economic activity in 2022.

Co., Ltd.New Jersey tends to track the national economy, so 2022 could see growth here as well.Ning to brick and mortar retailers.

Hughes said of overall job creation: [New Jersey] Numerically, at least, it fully recovers in various jobs. Align with the peak before 2020. Again, we are prisoners of the world.d National economy…we don’t deviate much from it. ”

stock market

in stock In the market area, the announcement of a coronavirus vaccine in the second half of 2020 promised improved economic output, resulting in higher returns.Stock prices are likely to rise for the rest of the year.Steven GelberAssociate Wealth Advisor, Hightower Financial Principals, said valuations could remain slightly elevated over the long term. period when the interest rate is as low as tThe main reason is that bonds don’t yield and investors must look to stocks for meaningful investment returns.

He explained that the price-to-earnings ratio is slightly above its historical average. There are still areas of the market that are playing a ‘catch-up’. He adds: We are optimistic in the areas of the market in which we invest. ”

Overall Trout said: [market] You should get your fix, fix – they are common. they are expected. Now let’s get back to analyzing the fundamentals. Be constructively positive and we should be cautiously optimistic [the stock market] It will be higher in a year from today. ”

commercial real estate

About commercials Real Estate Front, David BernhoutExecutive Vice President, Cushman & Wakefield’s MetLocated in East Rutherford, Lopolitan Area Capital Markets Group, a decades-old corporate campus in New Jersey with potentially more than 15 million square feet of space, can be right-sized and scaled down to meet the needs of your business. said to continue.Elsewhere in the market, we move from campuses of 500,000-600,000 square feet to 250,000-300,000 square feet. Bernhout These actions are “very beneficial to the office market in general.”

Another positive trend has emerged following the out-migration of city dwellers to the suburbs in 2020. Companies facing labor shortages are responding to these workers by setting up small, pre-built units in New Jersey where employees can work remotely.

as for For industrial real estate, including warehouses and distribution centres, e-commerce is facilitating a scenario where the leasing market is very tight and the overall market is booming. For example, when Amazon leased space from the Port Authority, Kyle Schmidt, Managing Director of Cushman & Wakefield, said: As a result, rents have been trending steadily since the late teens. In the low $20s per square foot. …you can mirror that example above and below the turnpike. For example, the user [exit] 8A [off the NJ Turnpike] … where to rent [used to] It peaks at $5.50. There will be a rent of $12 and $13. Again, the vacancy rate is 0%. ”


climate change quotes Also, New Jersey Public Utilities Commissioner Joseph L. Fiordaliso Speaking of the many wind projects slated for the state, he said: transfer to ensure new Jersey becomes an offshore mecca on the east coast. We expect to have the first turbine underwater by 2025. ”

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