4 Magic Kingdom Halloween-Themed Food/Drinks to Avoid

One of the nice things about writing theme park food reviews is talking about places like Topolino’s Terrace and Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming. But there’s a big downside to having to try horrible theme park food. Most theme park burger and pizza dislikes in the park can be found in a tiny fraction of the internet.Halloween After-hours special themed events, such as Horror Nights and Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, bring joy and pain as you sample themed food and drink. This year’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party brings a lot of pain in terms of scary choices.

Luckily, I’ve been able to work with a colleague to find out which food/beverage items are rated terrible before even trying them. Sweets, I struggled with one item so others didn’t have to. Still, others have struggled for me about the other three options not being superior. Here are four Halloween foods/drinks to avoid at this year’s Magic Kingdom.

#1 Pain and Panic Hot Dog

This Hercules stench comes from Casey’s Corner. Inside the Magic Kingdom, Casey’s Corner serves as a popular counter service option. The menu consists of basic baseball-themed items such as hot dogs and fries. A new themed hot dog has hit the menu since the Halloween season started at Magic Kingdom.

For $11.99, guests can purchase Pain and Panic Hot Dogs. The descriptions of these menus read, “All beef hot dog, sweet and spicy onion relish, a spicy cheese flavored snack topped with sriracha mustard. This hot dog is served during regular Park and Mickey’s No Scary Halloween parties. Available for purchase, this hot dog comes with fries or a “cutie.” Use mobile ordering to purchase these from Casey’s Corner. However, mobile ordering only works during the day, not during Halloween parties.

My first reaction when this item was announced was: Haven’t they learned from previous attempts to put jalapeno cheese puffs on other foods? Still, I expected more creativity.

Well, how was this hot dog? As expected, the hot dogs tasted similar to the standard ones served in his corner of Casey’s. However, to start the pain and panic covered in sweet relish and copious amounts of ‘sriracha’ mustard. If you want a variety of flavors, this hot dog will meet your needs. However, I doubt most people would find the flavors to work together in a positive way. Are you trying to hide your mediocre hot dog? Disney likes to cover their average burger patties and hot dogs with toppings so we don’t notice. The relish covers this piece, but it doesn’t help with the overall flavor.

Was a spicy, cheese-flavoured snack a good addition to your food options this Halloween? Simply put, “Cheetos” tastes stale as it is dehydrated by bread and franks. Still, the most positive spice flavor in this hot dog comes from the spicy snack.

If you don’t like spicy ‘Cheetos’, you should avoid this menu. I know there are some challenges with quality counter service dining at the Magic Kingdom, but try the standard menu items at Pecos Bill’s.

#2 Winifred’s Elixir of Life

This formula is also available at Casey’s Corner. This tea slushy with kiwi foam looks okay. Winifred’s chocolates are sure to please any “Hocus Pocus” fan. This drink is $6.49 for him. Like the “Pain and Panic Hot Dog,” it’s available during regular park hours and Mickey’s less scary Halloween party.

People don’t completely disdain this drink when compared to the Halloween hot dogs served here. Still, this beverage lacks a consistent flavor. In the Magic Kingdom you can find much better tea he drinks. Also, this year the theme chocolate pieces match the pattern and these flavors are okay.

#3 Hades Hot Dog

Unfortunately, I tried to eat the whole thing. You can read how it fared in my full review. This hot dog is only sold on Mickey’s not-so-scary Halloween the night of his party. Also, the nest portion is Tater Tots, which costs $9.99.

#4 Cold Witches Brew Coffee

This drink can be found at the Cheshire Café. These can be purchased during normal daytime park hours and during the Magic Kingdom Halloween Party.

I always visit Orlando with a lot of money on the Starbucks app, but I don’t really like coffee. When I go to Starbucks, I tend to buy other drinks such as tea. I especially enjoy taking advantage of the “Star” rewards at Starbucks stores in Disney Springs. In many locations at Walt Disney World, the eternal battle between Starbucks and Joffrey causes guests to debate the best coffee. Of course, this isn’t the only place in Walt Disney World where you can have coffee. For the Halloween season, Cheshire Café offers themed coffee.

The “Cold Witches Brew Coffee” there costs $5.29. The brew features a French vanilla cold brew with pumpkin spice foam served with Halloween sprinkles.

So how does it taste?

I don’t really like coffee, so instead of passing my opinion on other foods and drinks, I consulted some colleagues about this drink. French vanilla coffee lacked a pleasant flavor. They found it very bitter compared to other similar coffee beverages. I felt the need to add creamer just to drink beer.

The best part of this drink is the sprinkles and whipped cream. However, the Florida heat lacks kindness to those components. The Florida heat is relentless. But this drink works as just a cup of coffee with sprinkles and cream on top.

If you thought mixing the toppings with the coffee itself would work, it didn’t work. Even my coffee-loving friends who tried it were still disappointed.

Not all Halloween food/drink options will meet your expectations.

As always, eat like you mean it! However, these four cases should be intentionally avoided.

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