5 ways to save money on in-flight food and drinks

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Friends don’t fly with friends hungry.

Key Point

  • Bringing your own food is an easy way to save money, but be aware of security and/or customs regulations.
  • Some travel and airline credit cards offer perks that can reduce the cost of in-flight purchases.
  • Complimentary refreshments may be provided when traveling in premium class. In many cases, you can use airline miles to upgrade your fare class.

Flying is not fun for most of us. We are stuck in tiny metal cans for hours with hundreds of strangers (some of whom have questionable hygiene). And that’s after suffering security lines, a half-mile hike through a crowded terminal, and multiple boarding delays.

If you’re like me, by the time you board, you’re tired, stressed, starvingBut if you think airport meals are expensive, wait until you see how much you’re being charged for tips at 30,000 feet.

On short flights you probably don’t need to bite. But with some nutrition, you’ll be much more comfortable for longer than a few hours.

1.Please bring your own

The easiest solution for in-flight meals is to bring your own snacks and drinks. It was not purchased at the airport before boarding.

Pack some snacks for your next flight, just like you would on a road trip. Chips, nuts, and even fresh fruit and vegetables can be brought through airport security without any hassle. In the worst case, you may have to go through the scanner separately from your package.

Be careful with anything that might be considered liquid. This includes pastes like nut butters and hummus. Anything in this category must comply with TSA 3-1-1 rules for liquids, including being less than 3.4 ounces.

Additionally, if you are traveling internationally, read up on prohibited foods. For example, many countries prohibit agricultural products from being brought outside due to the risk of agricultural contamination.

2. Book a higher fare class

While not affordable, another easy way to eat and drink cheaply on your flight is to book a premium fare class. cheaper.

On domestic flights, First Class passengers get complimentary food and drink, including alcoholic beverages. Internationally, Business Class and First Class passengers receive the same benefits (and meals are often of better quality). is).

Depending on the ticket cost difference, a free grub might make the upgrade more reasonable.

3. Use Credit Card Airline Fee Credit

If you’re stuck buying food and drinks on board, your favorite travel rewards card might have you covered. Some popular travel cards include statement credits for airline incidentals. Most of these credits can be applied to in-flight food and beverage purchases, including alcohol.

One thing to remember is that most of these credits can only be redeemed on one airline each year. Additionally, you must select an airline before making a purchase to be eligible for credit. If you are not on the selected airline, your purchase is ineligible.

4. Pay with a co-branded credit card

Even if your travel card doesn’t offer airline fee credit, an airline credit card may help you on board. Most co-branded airline cards typically offer around 25% discount on in-flight food and beverage purchases.

Technically, no discount is applied at the time of purchase. Instead, it will be applied as a statement credit on your card within a few weeks of purchase.

5. Redeem airline miles

There are several ways to use airline miles to save on in-flight meals. When flying with United Airlines, you can redeem your miles directly for in-flight purchases. Redeem United MileagePlus miles for food and beverages at a flat rate of $0.008 per mile. This is not a great redemption option compared to flights, but it is an option.

In addition, many airline loyalty programs allow you to use airline miles to upgrade your fares. For example, you can buy an economy ticket and use miles to upgrade to first class. As mentioned above, premium fares usually come with complimentary refreshments.

Whether you pack lunch, take advantage of a credit card discount, or enjoy a free meal in First Class, you can eat. SomethingFlying is stressful enough on its own. Don’t fly hungry.

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