6 cult fashion figures whose biopics are desperately needed

Lee Bowery

Renowned for her over-the-top looks and controversial performance art, Lee Bowery hails from the sleepy Melbourne suburb of Sunshine and moved to London in 1980, working briefly at Burger King before making her name on the underground club circuit. I had a good time. During a night in Heaven, Asylum, and Taboo of his own comic adventures, Bowery began to radicalize his appearance, transforming his massive 6’1 frame into a gimp mask, towering platforms, and ragged pubic hair. Dressed up in a wig. He pierced his cheeks with safety pin piercing holes, gaffer taped his flesh into an incredibly feminine silhouette, and dripped hot glue onto his bald head.

During the day, Bowery designed costumes for Michael Clarke’s dance company Culture Club, massive attacklater Lucien Freudand the subject of the late painter’s nude series. In 1994, Bowery died of his AIDS-related complications, just as combination therapy was beginning to extend the lives of people living with his HIV. A biopic would have to be made just to see the dramatized version during a run in some theater. AIDS In the early ’90s, Bowery turned his back on the audience, bent over, ripped open, and unknowingly sprayed the front row with his gut contents.

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