7 On Your Side: Your $66,000 Savings Have Been Frozen By The Bank For Over Half A Year

New Jersey (WABC) — It was a tragic, extreme freeze that lasted more than half a year – the bank accounts of health care workers in New Jersey were inexplicably frozen.

All the money she had in the world suddenly got out of hand and she was close to breaking point until a friend gave her what she called the best advice: call Nina Pineda and tell her she’s 7 Please involve On Your Side.

“I felt like trash, but people looked at me like, ‘Oh, you did something wrong,'” said Citibank account holder Carol Simpson.

Simpson’s tears allude to her seven-month ordeal after her entire savings (worth $66,275) were frozen by Citibank last December.

“I had to beg for money every month,” she said. “And I begged for my money.”

It was an unreal situation for her mother. She and her family proudly served in the US Army.

“My grandfather, his father was in the Army,” she said.

Simpson spent 30 years as a dental assistant in VA until an accident at work ended her career. But just days after her workers’ compensation check was credited, her account was locked.

Simpson said the Citibank manager showed her everything: her social security card, passport, driver’s license and even her birth certificate. Still, they did not unfreeze her money.

She then suffered another blow after being taken to the hospital in a car accident.

“My friend,” said Simpson. “They gave me money and helped me build a house.”

But the most valuable gift was advice from a friend.

“One of my friends came up and said, ‘Carol, you’re not. I know you’re a fighter. Why don’t you fight? Call 7 to your side.’ said,’ said Simpson.

So we got in touch with Citibank, and within a few days, to our great surprise, Simpson received a five-figure check.

“These are tears of joy,” said Simpson.

Citibank apologized, saying it may temporarily freeze accounts to investigate unusual activity and protect customers’ accounts.

“I had a lot of angels by my side to help me,” Simpson said.

She used the money to repay everyone who lent her money.

“7 On My Side, stay on everyone’s side,” she said. “Thank you very much. I appreciate all that you have done,” Simpson said.

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