8 tips for kids walking or biking to school

Kids are walking and biking on the road to school! It is important for parents to teach pedestrian and bicycle safety.

walk to school

You or your child may become a walker at some point in school. Remember this:

1. Use sidewalks whenever possible, and if there are no sidewalks, walk on the edge of the street facing traffic.

2. Cross the crosswalk whenever there is a sign and look left and right for vehicles and bicycles before crossing.

3. Do not play, push or shove when walking in busy areas.

4. Everyone should be careful of the road, not the cell phone.

If you are driving, be aware of pedestrians everywhere, especially in your neighborhood. With more families and children at home, there may be more traffic.

go to school by bicycle

To keep your bike safe, be sure to do the following simple things:

1. Always wear a properly fitting helmet and tighten the chinstrap.

2. Drive in the same direction as traffic and obey traffic signs and signals.

3. Stay in the bike lane whenever possible.

4. Never use electronic devices while riding. It’s a distraction.

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