9 times Emmy Award Winner for Cartoni Camera Supports

Deena Sheldon is a woman full of surprises. With her warm smile, she has the power to calm those around her. But behind that friendly demeanor, it’s hard to shake the feeling that this is a woman of steel determination, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

In 1977, Sheldon was national champion in the ballroom formation team division. During her college years, she also performed with her jazz and dance company, but decided to devote herself to her passion as her camera operator.

as a result, Sheldon has become one of the most formidable forces in the sport behind the camera over the last 40 years. This year, Sheldon was honored to be inducted into SVG’s Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame, Class of 2022. She joins other Hall of Famers and sports legends. Terry Bradshaw, Joe Buck, Roger Goodell, Drew Esokov, Ross Greenberg, Terry Adams, Manolo Romero, Darrell Wenhardt.

“My parents instilled in me the belief that with a good work ethic, preparation, and constant practice of my craft, I could accomplish anything I wanted. To them I am eternally grateful.”

She said, “It also means a lot to be trusted by directors and producers as a camera operator and to represent companies like Cartoni and Canon.”

As my father wrote to me decades ago,To Become honored To Own peer teeth of highest honor.”

For Sheldon, inauguration into SVG’s Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame is the latest achievement in a career filled with highlights. As a camera operator and innovator, she’s done it all. Her resume includes 9 National Sports Emmys, 12 Super Bowls, 17 Daytona 500, 17 Indy 500, 24 Kentucky Derby and Triple Crown races, 2 Triple Crown winners, US Open Six tennis championships, three Olympics, and 11 years of shooting included. ABC’s Monday Night football and 14 shots NBC’s sunday night footballSheldon’s accomplishments extend beyond sports. She has also been an integral part of coverage of her nine presidential inauguration ceremonies, He was the producer and co-vice president of three presidential funerals, presidential debates, conventions, and seven 3D feature films. Jeff Zachary of sports When entertainment division of of Cameron | Pace group, Oscar-winning director James Cameron and Emmy Award winner Vince Pace, ASC.

While some see her as a trailblazer for women in a male-dominated industry, Sheldon credits her with her philosophy of always being ready.

I enjoy preparing for events. Study, be prepared for anything, familiarize yourself with your environment and the challenges it may bring, and make sure you prepare and test all your equipment. Everything I do in front of the camera is my responsibility. Anything can happen at a live event and you need to be prepared for it. I am also part of the team, broadcast team and far side cart team.As a karting team, we make sure we all work together as one unit…with the utmost respect for precision driving by the incredibly talented Chapman Kurt

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