90s grunge is one of the biggest fashion trends for fall 2022

What started out as a local street style for West Coast musicians quickly found its way onto the catwalks. Let me (re)introduce you to ‘grunge’, the latest look to make a comeback on the fall trend radar.

Known for its slovenly, almost thoughtless charm, grunge fashion didn’t enter the mainstream until the 1980s, when the Seattle sound combined heavy metal, punk and rock ‘n’ roll. Music subcultures flourished during this period, with bands such as The Melvins, Green River, Soundgarden and many others defining the music scene. Nor can we forget the rise of Nirvana and the lead singer Kurt his Cobain, who has become a poster child for the music (and fashion) movement.

By the ’90s, the iconic style had become a global hit and quickly caught the attention of up-and-coming designers of the time. Grunge-inspired layered looks were seen on Calvin Klein’s catwalk, then-18-year-old model Kate donned his moss, and designer Anna his suit featured funky prints and baggy fits in New York City. fashion has made him a runway staple for the week. In 1993, Marc Jacobs held a grunge-themed collection during his Ellis tenure with Perry, eventually incorporating the rebellious aesthetic into his own brand, specifically his Gen Z-focused line Heaven. I brought it in.

Kurt Cobain of Nirvana in New York, 1990KMazur/WireImage/Getty Images
Anna Sui Spring 1993 runway showImage Press/Archive Photos/Getty Images
Calvin Klein Spring 1993 runway showImage Press/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Since its birth, the grunge aesthetic has become known for its effortlessly uncoordinated look, and more than 30 years later, designers are bringing the edgy style back to the runways. Grunge staples were everywhere on the Fall 2022 runways, including shredded and faded denim, flannel button-downs, well-worn music tees, and plaid knitwear. It was often paired with black combat boots (a Dr. Martens fan favorite) along with accessories such as necklaces, knitted beanies, grommet belts and chunky sunglasses.

Dsquared2 Fall 2022 runway showVictor Boyko/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Givenchy Fall 2022 Runway ShowDominic Chariot/WireImage/Getty Images
Molly Goddard Fall 2022 Runway ShowEstrop/WireImage/Getty Images

As we gear up for fall, you may be looking for some #inspo in your wardrobe. Check out top fashion items like shredded miniskirts and chain his necklaces that reflect his ’90s grunge trend.

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