A boy who likes to keep calling his aunt becomes a hot topic

Most members of Generation Z and below hate their phones, but not this adorable little boy.

If you need warmth in your heart today, look no further.

Lindsay Osburn posted two videos of her son on TikTok. These videos go viral and show the boy’s love for calling his family on the phone.

“When your aunt doesn’t want to talk to you,” she captioned the first video, which has been viewed over 10 million times on TikTok.

“What?” asks Auntie.

“Stop hanging me!” scolds the little boy as Osburn can’t help but laugh in the background.

The cuteness didn’t stop there.

After his aunt tells him to “stop playing with my phone,” he gives her the cutest growl you’ve ever heard and a short, sweet “goodbye.”

When she answers, he declares “I am facing you!”

Watch the full video below.

This isn’t the first time Osburn’s son has garnered opinions on TikTok for being absolutely adorable.

As she wrote in a comment on the phone video, “He’s a character…he’s literally the funniest kid I know.”

The phone prank continued in the Part 2 video, which had nearly a million views and was spotted by Walmart.

“I can’t wait to see his Walmart haul,” Chain commented.

“PT. 2 but this time it’s Pawpaw,” Osburn wrote in the caption.

He talks about Paw Paw and Walmart with a cute smile, and when asked, “Can I talk to Bryce,” the little boy quickly replies, “No.”

“Then hang up,” Pawpaw says.

The cheerful boy replies, “Okay, hang up.”

Looks like he finally found a way to get his family to stop hanging up!

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