A food bank in Arizona receiving much-needed help from AmeriCorps

Agents open full-time positions in the VISTAS program designed to assist food banks in a variety of roles.

Mesa, Arizona — Statewide food banks and pantries get a little help thanks to Uncle Sam.

AmeriCorps, a government agency that enrolls more than 5 million Americans in volunteer programs, is recruiting 33 new positions designated to be assigned to food banks statewide for the VISTAS program .

VISTAS (Volunteers in Service to America) are volunteers who work with nonprofits and government agencies to address poverty and food insecurity.

Angie Rogers, CEO of Arizona Food Bank Network, said: “Affirm that you have such a commitment to our community and understand that you will be throwing away your time and energy to help someone else who needs it more than you. Please make sure that

Funded by the Rescue Plans Act of America, the initiative will add staff to food banks and community pantries in areas of high need. VISTAS responsibilities vary widely. Some are responsible for overseeing food distribution, training food bank volunteers, and others for community outreach.

United Food Bank CEO Dave Richins said: “The other is about capacity building: helping our institutions serve more people in a better way.”

For those interested in becoming a VISTA, AmeriCorps posts open positions online.

“We can also support them [VISTA members] With a modest cost of living,” explains Jill Sears, Regional Manager for AmeriCorps. “That means they can serve full-time for a year. They can also receive educational awards and retirement benefits. We have a set of supports that enable us to serve in

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