A handbook for building real estate brand authority through YouTube

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Can you imagine 30 minutes of video content being consumed for every minute of real time? Brad McCallum of Calgary, Alberta can get what his YouTube channel has achieved. His high quality listing videos have helped build an incredible business that we believe is achievable in just about any market.

how he started

Brad McCallum started working in the real estate industry almost five years ago. In about a year and a half in business, he realized he didn’t need anyone working with him at all. In truth, he had little experience, was not a local expert, and did not know how to negotiate.

At that point, he realized he needed something more than just an ego to attract clients. This took him away from the question. What is it for me? And that led him to the question, What is it for them? This shift in thinking led me to upload my first listing video to YouTube three and a half years ago.

Consistently uploading quality listing videos over the past 3.5 years has seen his business explode and amass over 31,000 YouTube subscribers. These results didn’t come overnight, but McCallum understood the compounding effect that video could have on his business.

Below is the process McCallum uses to create some of the most compelling listing videos ever produced.

Decide where to post your video

McCallum uses YouTube as a video hosting site. He understands that YouTube is the world’s second largest search platform after Google. Since Google owns YouTube, his videos are also appearing in his Google searches. Placing his videos on his YouTube increases the chances of him and his content being found by his ideal clients.

Decide which video to post

“It all starts with understanding what YouTube wants. If you give YouTube what it wants, YouTube will give you the opportunity for more organic views. You want to stay on the platform and you want more viewing time.By creating engaging and entertaining content that keeps your audience on the platform longer, you will be rewarded with algorithmic juice that leads to more views I guess,” said McCallum.

Start video with hook

Persuasive content is important as the goal is to increase watch time. This all starts with a hook at the beginning of the video to keep the viewer engaged. McCallum says:

He said the hook could be the use of fireworks-like visuals, engaging questions, or anything else that piques their interest. Here are some examples of some compelling questions and opening lines.

  • Is Calgary’s housing market collapsing?
  • Can you still sell your home for a high price or is it too late?
  • How much house can you buy with $2,000 a month?
  • Today we present you a mansion with an indoor pool.
  • Today we take a look at the house Leonardo DiCaprio stayed in while filming The Revenant.

Using a compelling or interesting hook at the beginning increases the chances that your viewers will be intrigued and keep watching your video.

Engage your audience right after the hook

Once you’ve grabbed your audience’s attention with your hook, you need to keep them engaged. McCallum strategically places his shots of cinematic highlights of his home’s finest facilities early in the video to keep viewers engaged.

“Once past the first 10 seconds or so of the video, I would like to play from 30 to 35 seconds of the video. Most agents don’t show the best part of the house until the end and think the viewer will stay there.The problem is that only 15% of the viewers get to the end of most videos. If they like the highlights, they’ll stick to other details like the number of bedrooms, square footage, and type of finish on the home,” he said.

Many of the highlights can be captured with a quick pan or clip of highlights from the home’s best amenities. A second pan of an outdoor living space, a drone flyover showing privacy, or a quick view of a great kitchen. Being able to line up a few of these highlights clips of her keeps viewers engaged because of their desire to see more of the amenities highlighted.

Share your video audience

“In the next 20 seconds or so, I describe someone looking for a home in (this) community west of Calgary and for whom this home might be ideal because they want to be close to the mountains. “If you’re close, close to great shops and restaurants, and close to some of the best schools in our city, this could be your home,” he said.

When he talks about highlights, such as being close to the mountains, he’s editing B-Roll footage of the mountains into a video. This adds depth to your video experience, keeping your viewers engaged and wanting more. He then leads the viewer to a house where he provides details of the house.

Combining exposures via other platforms

While YouTube is the platform where videos are hosted, there are some additional platforms available to maximize your home’s exposure. “Short-form video is huge today, so while we’re shooting full video, we’re thinking about what it takes to get people into full video,” he said.

“We understand that Instagram wants vertical content, and sometimes we adjust our cameras to shoot clips vertically for that platform. I want to see the inside of a million dollar house, I want to see this, I might shoot a 4-6 second intro, and then I’ll do a quick clip of highlights,” he said. .

McCallum suggests shooting an Instagram reel, a short video for TikTok, and an invite video for Facebook’s open house while you shoot the full video at home. You already have a videographer at home, so take the opportunity to shoot video content for every platform you take advantage of.

McCallum also utilizes the ability to split his full videos into smaller pieces of content for use on other social media platforms. Since he already has a highly produced video, these small clips of longer videos make great content to pique the interest of his followers who want to see the full video on YouTube.

The process of building authority in your local market can be accomplished through video. But it’s often hard to become something unless you see something first. If you’re looking for models to follow, look no further than Brad McCallum and his YouTube channel.

Jimmy Burgess is CEO of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties of Florida in Northwest Florida. You can connect with him on Instagram or YouTube.

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