A North Shore hairstylist prepares to showcase her work during New York Fashion Week

Peabody — The North Shore hairstylist is preparing to showcase her work at New York Fashion Week.

Stephanie Agnetha, 26, said, “It’s just amazing to be a normal person and be given an opportunity like this.” Inside, it’s really cool to be here in such a short time.”

The Peabody native landed a coveted job after being discovered through social media.

“I’m a creative color specialist, so I love having my work out there. It’s an art project for me, and it’s not just about hair. And I like to make people feel good.”

Her work is now on full display at runway shows for some of the world’s top designers.

“Because it’s summer, I’ve been told low ponytails, high ponytails, beach waves. It’s really cool to be on the scene and see all the fashion and be a part of it,” Agnetha said.

Back at the Peabody home, her mother, Rochelle, sums it up in one word. “Wow, it’s exciting,” she said.

The two have co-owned Salon CC together since 2014.

“She was finishing school. She loved her job. It was a chance to do something with her,” Rochelle said.

Her daughter’s big break is well-deserved.

“She does it all the time. When she’s not working on someone’s hair, she’s practicing. Or watching videos or taking classes,” says Rochelle.

New York Fashion Week runs from September 9th to 14th.

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