A number of New Jersey districts are facing shortages of crossing guards. Here’s what one town is doing to address this problem.

Not just New Jersey, but many districts across the country are facing shortages of crossing guards as some children start walking to school.

Towns like Summit have raised the rate to $50 a day.

“We didn’t have enough crossing guards to fill the posts, so we recently increased that,” says officer Jeffrey Dietz. “Unfortunately, if there is no pedestrian crossing guard at the post, we the police will have to pull the emergency call away.”

Police have several reasons there may be a shortage.

“You need someone special,” Sergeant says. Charles Daly. “One, you have to like working outside because you’re going to be exposed to the elements.”

There are two shifts per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

“The goal is to make sure children cross the street safely and follow all traffic laws,” says Deets. “There are traffic lights inside the mailbox, so I teach my children to cross the road safely.”

To become a crossing guard, you must complete an application, interview, pass a background check, be well-equipped, and train with a police officer for about a week.

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