A video of a woman posted on TikTok mocks her appearance.she claims she has monkeypox

A video of a Brooklyn woman posted on TikTok mocks her appearance and claims she has monkeypox. I’m here.

Simon spent last Sunday crafting a response to a video in which someone else filmed her on a train while bystanders taped her, after which she contracted the virus. I posted it on TikTok to suggest that.

“The rest of the comments were, ‘We have to get out of town, monkeypox, she’s dirty, why is she on the train?'” Simon said.

She has neurofibromatosis type 1, which makes benign tumors under the skin.

This condition is caused by mutations in the nf1 gene. That is, it is not contagious.

Jameela J. Yusuff, chief medical officer at Downstate University Hospital, explains that the disease looks nothing like monkeypox.

“It doesn’t make you more susceptible to any kind of infection. And even with monkeypox, the lesions aren’t always on the face or visible. Also, monkeypox lesions are more They tend to be soft.”

The original video posted by Simon has since been deleted and the account can’t be found.

“We could never have predicted this kind of support with this kind of result,” Simon said.

But, as Simon says, the experience reminds her of days when she couldn’t defend herself against bullies. increase.

“Being an adult is someone you felt safe with as a child, and that kind of thing is a big blow.

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