Abilene realtor Niblo’s death trial scheduled for Monday

Jury selection is set to begin Monday in the trial of a man charged with breaking into the home of Abilene real estate agent Thomas Niblo and shooting him eight times on Dec. 12, 2016. .

Niblo’s brother-in-law, Luke Sweezer, has been incarcerated in Taylor County Jail since he was arrested on September 17, 2020 on first-degree murder charges related to the murder. His bond was set at $750,000.

The trial will be held in the 350th District Court presided over by Judge Thomas Wheeler. The lead prosecutor is Taylor County Assistant District Attorney Dan Joyner, and Lynn Ingallsbe is the defense counsel.

At the time of Sweeter’s arrest, then-Abilene Police Chief Stan Standridge responded to a common question he asked about why it took more than three years to arrest the case.

Thomas Niblo

“People consistently asked, ‘Why did it take so long?’ Because there was so much electronic evidence to sort through,” says Standridge. “When dealing with terabytes of electronic information, it takes a lot of time.”

Shooting day

The son of late bank president Sidney “Sid” Niblo and famed Abilene artist Evelyn Niblo, Niblo graduated from McMurry College and was Vice President of Senter, Realtors. He specialized in commercial real estate development.

According to police, Niblo’s wife, Cheryl, reported hearing multiple gunshots early in the morning on Monday, December 12, 2016, while in the bathroom of her home on the 3700 block of Woodridge Drive.

Police said she called 911 at a neighbor’s house at 6:18 a.m. after leaving the house through the back door.

Luke Sweetzer, September 18, 2020

First responders found Niblo, 54, with a gunshot wound in his bed and took him to Hendrick Medical Center, where he died. A forensic autopsy revealed.

Police said the gun used in the shooting was likely a 40-caliber handgun, based on the discovery of used cartridge cases.

How to proceed with the investigation

According to an affidavit, Abilene police seized Sweeter early in the case after discovering evidence that there was a rift between the Sweeter and Niblo families stemming from Sid Niblo’s execution of his will after his death. named as a suspect.

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