Accenture Invests in Hyperspectral Satellite Company Pixel to Monitor Planet’s Health

Accenture Invests in Hyperspectral Satellite Company Pixel to Monitor Planet’s Health

New York and Bangalore, India. August 30, 2022 – Accenture (NYSE: ACN), through Accenture Ventures, has made a strategic investment in Pixel, a leader in cutting-edge earth imaging technology. Based in Bangalore and located in Los Angeles, Pixxel is building the world’s highest resolution hyperspectral imaging satellite constellation to discover, solve and predict climate problems at a fraction of the cost of traditional satellites. Delivering insights powered by industry AI.

Pixel’s satellites can capture images at hundreds of wavelengths across the electromagnetic spectrum, revealing vital data about the health of our planet that other satellites can’t see. The company’s planned constellation of hyperspectral satellites will help companies across agriculture, defense, mining, the environment, and other critical industries make decisions at a global level to reduce their environmental impact. Rebuild. Data from Pixel’s satellites provides 8x more information and 50x more resolution than existing market options.

“We continue to have great interest in the fast-growing space industry start-ups, which are projected to reach $1 trillion in revenue by 2040.[1], and Pixel are particularly exciting companies at the intersection of space technology and sustainability,” said Tom Lounivos, managing director of Accenture Ventures. “Imagine being able to predict famine before it continues to infest crops, or stop an oil spill before it endangers the delicate marine biosphere. Pixel’s hyperspectral imaging technology does just that. It has potential, and in doing so could help scientists address some of the world’s most pressing challenges to our planet.”

Pixel’s first commercial-stage satellite is expected to launch in early 2023, with commercial sales of its data. With six satellites flying in sun-synchronous orbits (SSOs) around 550 km altitude, Pixxel’s hyperspectral constellation can cover any point on Earth every 48 hours. With more satellite launches scheduled for late 2023, Pixxel plans to achieve daily global coverage by his early 2024. Learning from data beamed down by this constellation provides a global view of planetary scale ecosystems and biospheres and is used to create. An AI-based analytics platform and a digital twin of the Earth.

“Our investment in Pixxel reflects our continued and active engagement with India’s promising startup ecosystem, and such engagement is key to creating solutions with real-world impact. Accenture: “As so many aspects of our daily lives are increasingly impacted by climate and sustainability issues, Pixxel’s Earth Health Monitoring will help global organizations potentially We believe that we can play an important role in detecting adverse events early on and being able to prevent them.”

Pixel is the latest company to join Accenture Ventures’ Project Spotlight. Project Spotlight is an engagement and investment program focused on investing in companies that create or apply innovative enterprise technologies. In addition to funding, Project Spotlight connects emerging technology software startups with the Global 2000, bridges strategic innovation gaps, provides Accenture’s domain expertise and broad access to enterprise clients, and helps startups become human We help you harness your creativity and deliver on the promise of technology.

“We are delighted to be part of Accenture’s Project Spotlight and to work with Accenture’s Innovation Lab, business and industry experts, and strong clients and ecosystem partners in aerospace, science, technology and sustainability. Our global reach and support will help accelerate our ambitious mission to create a planetary health monitor and harness technology to address some of the most pressing problems facing our planet. increase.”

Accenture’s Pixel investment follows a $25 million Series A funding round the company announced in March 2022 and SpaceX’s April launch of its first satellite as part of its Transporter-4 payload. is. To date, over 50 customers in industries spanning agriculture, oil and gas, mining, and climate have signed pre-launch agreements with Pixxel.

Terms of the investment were not disclosed.

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About pixels
Pixxel is building a health monitor for the planet by building and launching the world’s highest resolution hyperspectral imagery satellites. Co-founded in 2019 by the then 20-year-old Awais Ahmed and Kshitij Khandelwal, Pixxel has worked with well-known organizations such as the Indian Space Research Organization, NASA JPL and SpaceX. Pixxel is backed by Lightspeed, Radical Ventures, Relativity’s Jordan Noone, Seraphim Capital, Ryan Johnson, Blume Ventures, Sparta LLC, growX Ventures, Inventus Capital, Omnivore VC and more. For more information, visit or follow Pixxel. twitter and LinkedIn.


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