Activists bring fresh food to Sing Sing inmates following care package ban

In response to a ban on care packages at state prisons, activists are working to bring fresh food to inmates at Sing Sing Correctional Facility in Ossining.

Volunteers from community groups such as the Sing Sing Family Collective deliver fresh produce to the facility on Saturdays and Sundays starting mid-July.

Formerly incarcerated individuals believe this is an important step for the rights of prisoners.

Market organizer Doug Mathews has just been released from prison. He makes it his personal mission to help those inside.

“For years I haven’t eaten fresh fruits and vegetables. Salads have become the most amazing. It’s one of the first things I have when I go outside.” ” he said.

A spokesperson for the Department of Corrections and Regional Supervision said the ban was created because corrections officers consistently found drugs and weapons in care packages. rice field.

They said this has happened twice a day for the last eight months.

Doug Matthews, who has just served an eight-year sentence, believes this will lead to people going to jail with few healthy eating options.

“Prepackaged food. It’s going to be unhealthy. It’s going to be full of chemicals,” he explained.

He is happy that activists are trying to help.

“Someone is reaching out and helping us. It’s one of those times when you really feel that someone cares,” Mathews said.

Activists say starting Monday, the only option for those in custody to get food will be through vendors, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Anyone who wants to donate to this organization can do so on GoFundMe.

Anyone who wants to donate to this organization can do so on GoFundMe.

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