Adele announces rescheduled Las Vegas residency dates


Adele has announced the rescheduling of her Las Vegas residency, “Weekends With Adele,” which was abruptly postponed the day before it was scheduled for January. It will start on November 18th. They are listed below. In addition to the 24 rescheduled shows, eight new shows were also announced, with her residency running until March 25, 2023.


A certain number of tickets for all 32 performances are available. There are two opportunities to purchase tickets for these shows. Access will be preferentially restricted to fans who have tickets for the original show dates or who have previously registered and been on the waiting list for her pre-sale of ‘Weekends With Adele’ Verified Fans. Eligible fans will receive an invitation email from her Ticketmaster on Wednesday, August 3rd. For more information, please visit


“Words cannot describe how ecstatic I am to finally be able to announce these rescheduled shows. “But after forever figuring out the logistics of the show I really wanted to deliver and knowing that it could come to fruition, I’m more excited than ever! Now I know for some of you it was a horrible decision on my part. That’s it, and I’m going to give you my best.
thank you for your patience i love you ♥ Adele. ”


The announcement follows the singer’s big concert in London’s Hyde Park earlier this month, after more than six months of silence regarding her residency, and she announced her Las Vegas residency on January 20. Suddenly postponed. She initially blamed Covid delays within the show’s crew, but multiple reports claimed she hadn’t seen or liked it until days before actual production began. Hundreds of fans traveling from inside were suddenly told there was no show. Adele got face-to-face with some of them hours after her tearful announcement.


Adele spoke about her postponed Las Vegas residency in February in a pre-recorded interview on The Graham Norton Show in the UK.

Adele said, “I really thought we could go all out and put something together in time. Instead, it seemed to lend credence to reports that the show was canceled due to creative differences between designer Esmeralda Devlin and venue Caesars Palace.


“I regret running so late. It would have been a really half-baked show and I can’t do that,” she said. , you know what I don’t want to do. I’ve never done anything like that in my life and I’m not going to start now.


“We’re working as hard as we can right now, but we don’t want to announce a new set of dates until we’re sure everything’s ready.” can’t


“This year it’s absolutely 100% happening. I have plans for next year so I have to do it this year. Imagine if I had to cancel because I have a baby!”



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