After inflation, about 50% of people reduced their intake of this food

According to 48.13% (296 votes) of respondents, steak is the food they refrain from the most. Steak prices are rising sharply in restaurants, notes Reader’s Digest. According to Vox, the foods that have seen the most price increases over the past year are beef, which is the sauce for steaks, as well as eggs, milk and chicken. Rising prices for these foods have outpaced inflation. Given these price spikes, it’s not shocking that eggs were also included in the survey, with 7.97% of his readers reducing their egg purchases.

Steak and avocado rank first and second, respectively, in a survey of foods people are cutting back on due to rising prices due to inflation. What food came in 3rd place? Bacon won his 17.40% of the vote. That’s no surprise either, as bacon prices recently hit a three-year high. According to The Food Institute, the price per unit of bacon is up about 15.4% from last year.

Citrus fruits also participated in the survey, but only 4.72% said they are cutting back on these items. On the other hand, only 3.41% of respondents indicated their intention to refrain from buying bread, and bread ranked last.

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