After losing second row in November poll, Stefanovski is considering lawsuit

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanovski has threatened lawsuits after losing his bid for the second line in the November ballot. The move is a big setback for Stefanovski, as Gov. Ned Lamont has already secured the second line.

Instead of cross-backing Stefanovsky, Connecticut’s Independent Party nominated its own candidate in Tuesday night’s chaotic caucuses. Telesca tied the vote for Rob Hotaling. Two provisional votes that did not count were also sent to Hotaling.

“I was able to beat the tie,” Telesca told the crowd, which included Stefanovsky, running mate Laura Devlin, and top campaign staff. I’m going to vote, this is Rob Hotaling.”

“Most Americans, and most Connecticut voters, are looking for a third option,” Hotaling told host Eric Landskroner. “Why? Two parties matter enough. because we have not resolved the

Stefanovsky’s campaign says the Independent Party’s vote was unfair and is now considering legal options.

“Chairman Teresca has no power to draw,” campaign spokesman Chris Russell said in a statement. “I doubt if I will be able to vote once, let alone twice.”

Russell also said that Stefanovski’s name should have been printed on caucus ballots because the campaign had submitted the proper paperwork.

Why all the fuss over minor political parties? Because his second line on the ballot could be a game changer. In 2010, he helped Danell Malloy to a win over Tom Foley. In 2018, the Independent Party received an additional 25,388 votes for Stefanowski. Lamont’s Working Families Party line added her 17,861 votes to the Democratic Party.

This year, Lamont will once again have second line thanks to WFP endorsement.

All this happened in the midst of major changes in Stefanovsky’s campaign. Her Liz Kurantowicz, a veteran Republican strategist, recently resigned, citing “strategic differences.” Stefanovski’s new campaign His manager is Pat Susser, leader of ‘Nortles Connecticut’ who is also a Stanford firefighter. The campaign also hired Larry Weitzner of Jamestown Associates as a consultant to Television. Weitzner consulted Stefanowski about his failed gubernatorial run in 2018. He advises moderate Republicans like outgoing Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, as well as more conservative candidates like Donald Trump.

Lamont turned his attention to the shuffle after Monday’s event.

“This is clearly a turnaround and means something is not working right now,” he said. “And we want to keep it positive. I hope we keep working on the issue.”

Competition is already negative – on both sides. The Democratic Governors Association just put in an extra $350,000, so get ready for more negative advertising.

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