Alex Jones’ attorney faces disciplinary hearing in Connecticut

Lawyers for conspiracy theorist Alex Jones face scrutiny from a Connecticut judge. A judge ruled Wednesday on whether the attorneys should be disciplined for providing highly sensitive documents to Jones’ other attorneys, including medical records of relatives of Sandy Hook Elementary School victims. I started listening to testimonies. photograph.

Attorney Norman Pattis is representing Jones in a defamation lawsuit brought against him by Sandy Hook’s family, alleging that the 2012 mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, was a hoax. Twenty first graders and six educators died.

The Connecticut trial, separate from the Texas trial that ended earlier this month, saw a jury award more than $49 million to the parents of one of the murdered children. There is also a second lawsuit against Jones of Texas by Sandy Hook’s family over the hoax allegations.

Pattis, who did not testify on Wednesday, denied violating an order by Justice Barbara Bellis in the case not to disclose classified documents to unauthorized people. In a brief reply to , he said he was “confident in our defense.”

Sandy Hook family attorney Christopher Mattei testified Wednesday that Pattis sent him a text stating that he may have violated a document release order. After hours of testimony, hearings continued into next week.

A jury selection before Bellis reopens on Thursday will be for a trial over the amount of damages Jones should pay to his family. Bellis held him liable for the damages last November.

According to court documents, Pattis sent records of a number of Connecticut defamation cases to Jones’ attorneys in Texas within the past month. Jones company.

It is not disclosed what documents Pattis allegedly sent. But court documents, attorney comments, and what has emerged from the Texas lawsuit include confidential medical records of some of the relatives of Sandy Hook victims, as well as texts from Jones’ cell phone. It looks like it was included.

Jones’ attorney in Texas accidentally sent two years’ worth of texts from Jones’ mobile phone to the Sandy Hook family attorney. In the recently completed Texas lawsuit, Jones said there was no text on Sandy Hook. Legal experts say the episode could lead Jones to face perjury charges.

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