Aliceville is rethinking the future of the economy

Aliceville, Alabama (WBRC) – The closure of businesses in the western Alabama town has served as a wake-up call for the town to reconsider its economy.

The permanent closure of Piggly Wiggly in Aliceville was conspicuous and painful. The closure of Piggly Wiggly in his 2021 has prompted community leaders to start thinking outside the box and not taking anything for granted.

That led to the first meeting at Aliceville City Hall, bringing together community leaders, including those who own businesses. The gist of the meeting was to brainstorm ideas on what could be done to lure more businesses to Aliceville.The population here is about 2,500. The mayor says the goal is to focus on what Aliceville has to offer. Part of the plan to move forward is to take action and talk to potential businesses.

“You may know one of the organizations I work for that says use what you have and build what you need. And it’s a breadbasket when it comes to woodworking, so we’re looking for areas with an industry…a large industry that can bring in those individuals, said Mayor Terrence of Wyndham.

The mayor of Wyndham said the first community meeting was fruitful and plans to meet quarterly at the next meeting scheduled for January 2023.


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