All ‘Bachelorette’ 2022 Finale Spoilers From Reality Steve

of this season bachelorette Between two full-time bachelors, 32 (!!) men, and of course, the general chaos, chaos, and communication issues that followed, it was a blast.

So far, things have definitely been pretty rocky, with plenty of tears, a villain or two, and mid-season baby daddy drama. Everything is going down on the cruise ship because the gal inside is looking for love.

Congratulations to Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia for their tenacity and dedication to finding love. Your service, especially in Bruges/Logan in Episode 5, was not to be missed.

If you’re lucky, you’ll end up with a wine, cheese and beach tour with your devoted husband, Bachelor Universe couples who are still together. only time will tell.

But for now, Reality Steve has dropped *tons* of Season 19 finale spoilers, so you can hold your breath. So let’s dive in.

Warning: Spoiler alert! Stop reading here if you don’t want to know what happens in season 19 of . bachelorette!

Who made it to Gabby’s Final 4?

Lead investigator Reality Steve said she initially had trouble finding out who Gabby chose for her fourth hometown date.

After all, Nate Mitchell is sent home in Episode 6. According to Reality SteveAnd since Gabby definitely only goes on three hometown dates, it looks like something is going wrong with Spencer and Logan. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Logan is having trouble making up his mind…

Who made it to Rachel’s top 4?

Starring Aven Jones, Tyler Norris, Zach Charcross and Tino Franco up to final 4 with Rachel. After Logan left Team His Rachel in Episode 5, things seemed a little shaky. Nonetheless, Rachel’s love story continued, though not without many tears.

Who will get to the last two of Gabby?

Adios, Johnny! Jason and Eric ended up being Gabby’s last two girlfriends, but it could be a twist. Reality Steve said he heard from three sources that Jason could self-destruct once he reached the final round, leaving Eric alone on one knee.

“To me, it’s still a rumor. I’d probably lean towards 65/35,” wrote Reality Steve. There’s footage of Gabby in Mexico walking away crying and wondering if she’ll ever be loved in ITM. .”

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Who made it to Rachel’s final two?

Rachel’s final two include Tino and Aven, a departure from what was predicted earlier in the season. was). However, something happens to Zack, and we get to experience a fiasco in the preview.

According to Reality Steve, host Jesse Palmer was heard advising Zach to tell the ‘truth’ after dating Rachel one night. I’m dying to know what in the world that meaning.

Either way, whatever happens between Rachel and Zach, he’ll still be ranked #3, according to Reality Steve.

Gaby is engaged to Eric.

Yeah, Gabby is apparently engaged to Eric. The fact that the 29-year-old New Jersey real estate analyst gets down on one knee may come as a surprise to viewers, but I’m rooting for it.

Rachel is engaged to Tino.

Considering Tino made her first impression of something like a rose, this makes perfect sense. He’s worked hard all season and I have to give it to the guy.

I love thinking that both of our girlfriends will walk away with Neil Lane sparklers in their hands! Cheers to you, Gabby and Rachel!

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