Allegiance Retail Services Registered Dietitian Dietitian Jacqueline Gomez Shares Insights at NJFC Event

(Islin, NJ)- At the 2022 New Jersey Food Council Trade Relations Conference (NJFC), Jacqueline Gomes, RDN of Allegiance Retail Services and its Foodtown Banner Store, was featured on a panel with three other industry experts. Gomez shared insights and perspectives on “Better for you… Conversations on health and wellness in a post-COVID world.”

“Consumers want to stay healthy,” Gomez said. It is our responsibility to inform, educate and provide dietary solutions.”

The NJFC and its board thank Gomez for sharing his knowledge and contributions on consumer trends and how the grocery industry is navigating the needs of the modern consumer at this pivotal moment. We put the spotlight on what you can do and meet. It was said that the discussion captivated the audience and provided a path out of this pandemic and to a successful future as the food industry continues to evolve.

Gomez has been advising shoppers at Allegiance Retail Services and Foodtown for several years to make sound decisions. At the height of the COVID pandemic, she shared tips on how to strengthen your immune system and prepare to get vaccinated. Through Foodtown’s She’s Easy to Eat Well program, she provided her six healthy steps to get through the quarantine. She also conducted her 30-day health challenge online via Facebook Live.

Allegiance Retail Services President and COO John T. Derderian said: “Her advice on preparing simple meals, as well as information on food and nutrition, has been featured in Foodtown supermarkets via easily downloadable QR codes, as well as on Foodtown’s website and on her social media channels. .”

Jacqueline Gomez is all foods fitand provide consumers with effective, timely, science-based information to prevent and manage disease while living a healthy life and enjoying the foods they love. She began her career as a clinical nutritionist and went on to a private practice providing dietary counseling and education to clients.She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Monmouth College, New Jersey. She earned her MBA in Corporate Communications from her Dickinson College in Fairleigh, New Jersey and completed her graduate nutrition internship program at the New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry.

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