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Fort Dodge Pride President Tammy Alstott (center) stands with the Pride 10U Softball team at the Softball Connection. Alstott he has been president for over ten years.

Editor’s Note: This story will first appear in The Messenger’s annual issue of Hometown Pride on June 24, 2022, featuring people and organizations in Fort Dodge and the surrounding area making a difference in their communities. doing.

If you need anything in the Fort Dodge Athletic Community, give Tammy Alstott a call.

In fact, Alstott’s phone lights up with invisible calls and text messages to remind him who he needs to contact.

“I only go where I am needed,” Alstott said. “I helped in terms of coaching and helped practice. I just help out where I can. ”

Alstott has run a home-based daycare for the past 26 years, but holds many other titles.

She has served as chairman of Fort Dodge Pride for over ten years, Alstott has also served as chairman of the Fort Dodge Athletic Boosters Club (since 2010), and has run the Dodger Shack for over ten years.

“Everything is very challenging and different in every way,” says Alstott. “Pride has a lot of young people, so I think the reward is seeing so many little ones join in and find a love for something and stick to it.

“It’s absolutely adorable to go somewhere. They know who I am. I’m not just behind them.”

The Fort Dodge Pride team spends a lot of time at the Softball Connection, and Alstott has seen young girls become national team players.

“It’s crazy to see the whole national team involved in it. I was getting my hands on it because they were little kids,” Alstott said. “This is a great program and I am lucky to have been led by great people who have taught me so well. ”

It’s a different group that Alstott will work with when she takes the hat off as representative of Athletic Boosters.

“This is a group of older children in the community, and I do more within the community,” Alstott said.This is where I socialize outside of my day job. It’s very rewarding. ”

Booster Club has a lot of jobs you won’t find on the field or in the locker room.

“I support the needs of the coaches and I support them in the weight room,” says Alstott. “I spend a lot of time behind the scenes making sure the coaches get what they need, helping with organization and paperwork. ”

During his tenure, Alstott has served as four different activity directors (previously Tom Kinseth, Matt Elsbecker, Kevin Astor) and now Josh Porter.

“I’ve been through four different activity directors, and they’ve all done a great job,” says Alstott. “Being able to find a way to feed the team is definitely the most rewarding part. ”

Alstot’s favorite part of the FDSH Booster Club is the selection of annual scholarship winners. “Giving back is the most rewarding part.” she said.

Alstott has played a big part in creating outfits for Dodger fans through the Dodger Shack.

When she started the Booster Club, there were only a few people wearing clothes, and there were years when there was nothing to wear, so she decided to dress the Dodgers in the second year of the Booster Club. didn’t hesitate. stint.

“I saw an opportunity and jumped at it.” Alstott said. “My kids are grown up and I didn’t have anything for little ones, so I printed and ironed and made something cute.

“I had the opportunity to order all shapes and sizes from newborn to 5x and design several shirts.”

One year Alstott launched a pre-homecoming sale, and it was a real success.

“It was a phenomenal day and people were really starving for the next year,” said Alstott.A year later, we had bad weather and didn’t want to set it up in the rain, so we wanted to set it up all week. So we installed it in my garage and it was very steadily busy. It took off and that was it.

A temporary location in the high school’s Dodger Hut has been open throughout the various seasons, and Alstotte still sells clothes from the garage.

“I want to keep growing it and trying to get it online with our inventory,” Alstott said.We need to know a few details about your online store. With a few additions, I now have access to Venmo and credit cards. ”

Alstott has a lot, but they seem to be adding more all the time. But for her, it brings its own rewards.

“I’m happy to be in any group,” Alstott said. “It is very rewarding for me to be able to help you with that. ”

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