American Indian Farmers Association’s Boyd comments on Biden’s broken promises to Native American farmers

Inflation Reduction Act Repeals American Relief Plan and Provides Debt Relief for Native American Farmers

Boydton, Virginia, August 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — “President Biden and his administration must honor their commitment to Native Americans, blacks, and other farmers who have been victims of discrimination by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. We must act swiftly to enact a moratorium on the use of direct and guaranteed loans from the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) to support Native American farmers and other smallholders of color. We need to act quickly to provide the 120% debt relief promised to small-scale farmers and send a clear signal to private lenders that the USDA will protect their guaranteed loans from farm foreclosures.

Native American farmers face rising costs for inputs such as fuel and fertilizer, as well as rising land prices, and can’t wait for the Biden administration to keep their promises.If the Biden administration can send billions of dollars in aid to mostly white farmers in months through the USDA’s Emergency Relief Program, the administration can deliver on its promise to Native American farmers in days. President Biden, enough is enough.” Kara Brewer BoydPresident of the American Indian Farmers Association (AAIF).

While waiting for debt relief promised in ARPA Section 1005, farmers are receiving foreclosure notices in a recession that records the highest input costs in 40 years, sending hundreds of millions of dollars in aid. Ukraine farmers.

seconds. 22008. Abolition of Agricultural Financing Assistance.

Section 1005 of the United States Relief Plans Act of 2021 (7 USC 1921 Note; Public Law 117-2) is repealed.

John Boydfounder and president of the National Association of Black Farmers – “I am very disappointed in this legislative action,” he replied after reading the final bill passed by the Senate. I’m ready to fight all the way to the Supreme Court for debt relief for our farmers of color, and I’m not going to stop this.”

“Discrimination against black farmers at the USDA was rampant and severe. The Section 1005 Loan Repayment Program was a necessary step to remedy these harms. I’m not even racist.”

We call on our fellow farmers, neighbors and friends to join Boyd’s call for president Joe Biden Issue a farm foreclosure moratorium. The Biden Farm Loan Moratorium includes the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) farm ownership direct and guaranteed loans, as well as other agricultural loans, while legislative remedies are debated in Congress. Must include foreclosure protection.

American farmers deserve to be saved!

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NBFA President Boyd Issues Official Statement on President Biden’s Withdrawal of Support for Black Farmers

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