Angel Hernandez to speak at HW Annual on October 4th

What distinguishes President Biden’s housing administration compared to past administrations? From regulation and enforcement to policy and technology innovation, there’s a lot to talk about when tackling this issue. Angel Hernandez, Vice President of Industry and Regulatory Relations, moderating the October 4th Regulatory Super Session stubbyfair housing policies, rating biases, and more.

The panel also includes CEO and Founder Faith Schwartz. housing finance strategyJulian Joseph, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Single Family Housing Office Federal Housing AdministrationAlexia Smockler, Director of Fair Housing Policy and Programs National Real Estate Associationand Jessica Russell of the Mortgage Markets team Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

In anticipation of the event, Hernandez sat down with HousingWire to share their excitement and discuss the future of housing.

Housing wire: Why are you excited to speak at the HousingWire Annual 2022?

Angel Hernandez: What excites me most is the opportunity to bring home the unique insights that are made possible through the exchange of ideas that takes place between panelists and the audience. Ideas change the world. The HousingWire Annual is among the housing sector’s most dynamic and visionary thinkers and doers.

HousingWire: After two years of remote work and video conferencing, what are the biggest benefits of attending in-person meetings and events?

Angel Hernandez: The energy and brainstorming that comes from bringing people who share a common purpose into physical proximity cannot be replicated remotely.

HousingWire: You’re the host of the HW Annual’s “Regulatory Super Session,” what would you like to hear more from other speakers?

Angel Hernandez: Beyond information, we are excited to learn how our co-panelists analyze some of the most important regulatory issues facing our industry. Hear directly from these policy experts and policymakers I think it helps all of us in the industry to understand better. It’s about being more certain about what to expect in the regulatory environment at a time when the economic environment faces more uncertainty than we’d like. .

HousingWire: What are the biggest fair housing and other government regulation trends to watch in 2023?

Angel Hernandez: I will pay close attention to the ongoing collaboration between mortgages and fintechs to navigate the regulatory environment and tackle issues such as equitable housing and access.

Join us at HW Annual for the content, connections, and insights you need to win in this environment. To register for HW Annual, please visit here. HW+ members get a 50% discount on registration fees!

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