Annie Vogelpohl remains a Solano real estate agent

FAIRFIELD — In 1979, years before personal computers became mainstream in the home, Annie Vogelpohl began her career in real estate.

Vogelpohl says he originally chose his profession because he liked selling and thought he could work on real estate.

what she did, and some.

She has helped the majority of Solano County residents find new homes. You’ve seen

One of the worst moments of her life ended up redefining her life.

Vogelpohl lost his 25-year-old daughter Michelle to domestic violence. She was killed by her husband in front of her young son. Losing his daughter changed a lot for Vogelpohl. Vogelpohl then adopted and raised his grandson.

This domestic violence incident led to Vogelpohl working for SafeQuest Solano for over 20 years.

SafeQuest Solano was founded in 1976. This is an organization dedicated to helping women who are victims of rape and domestic abuse. SafeQuest working with her Solano has enabled her to help others in meaningful ways and to cope with the loss of her daughter.

Vogelpohl is a problem solver when it comes to his chosen profession. She knows she has succeeded when she sees her clients satisfied.

“Then I know I did a good job,” she says.

Her advice to those new to the field? “Be patient with yourself. This business feels like a roller coaster at times, so keep up your education.”

All the latest additions in communication can benefit buyers and sellers, but nothing replaces viewing your own home with a real estate agent. It doesn’t matter what it is, she says.

Vogelpohl likes the challenge of solving problems that can arise in real estate sales. She says one of her ways to best serve her real estate clients is to surround herself with successful people, such as expert lenders and home inspectors.

Annie Vogelpohl

address: 1111 Webster Street, Fairfield
phone: 707-373-6949
e-mail: [email protected]

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