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zero point. That’s what Tottenham had to show at home against Southampton and Wolves and against Chelsea in the Premier League last season.

Fast forward to the current campaign and the Spurs scored 7 points from the same fixture. An undefeated start to the campaign shines a spotlight on this multi-faceted team that Antonio Conte continues to build.

From a free-flowing victory over Southampton on day one, to a final Gasp draw at Chelsea and a steely 1-0 victory over Wolves, Spurs have shown depth and range in their performances. For Conte, it is the culmination of precious time with the players.

Sunday, August 28, 4:00 p.m.

4:30pm kick off

“This team is mature enough to face different games,” he said EXCLUSIVELY sky sports Spurs ahead of Nottingham Forest trip super sundae“Last season we lost 3-2 at home to Southampton, lost 2-0 away to Chelsea and lost 2-0 at home to Wolves when I was in charge.

“To have seven points now against these teams means that we are doing well and have improved in many situations. It shows great resilience and great ability to suffer in situations that probably weren’t the case a lot in the past.”

Conte continued:

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“We didn’t start from scratch, we started at a medium level and now we continue to improve our tactical side and implement the team with new ideas. , you have to keep moving forward step by step.

“We are just beginning the process. It is not easy to compete with a team that has been working under the same coach for many years and has remained at the top, but we are on the right track to do it. I think.”

Time to get his message across is important, but having players with the ability and receptivity to carry out Conte’s instructions was equally important to Conte’s Spurs transformation.

With the arrival of Richarlison, Yves Bizma, Ivan Perisic and Jed Spence this summer and the departures of Tanguy Ndombele, Giovani Lo Celso and Steven Bergwijn, the team has been streamlined and much closer to Conte’s image. became a thing.

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Conte gives update on Tottenham transfer strategy

“Like every club we tried to improve,” he added. “We will face four competitions, so I think our team will need to improve and adapt.

“Compared to last season, we have improved the team both numerically and qualitatively. You know very well that it is very difficult to play a game every three days. After these games, the team start to understand if is strong and competitive.”

Having brought Spurs back to the Champions League at the expense of north London rivals Arsenal, Conte is keen to extend the club’s encouraging Premier League start to the competition that has been the scourge of his managerial career. is doing.

Conte won the Champions League as a Juventus player, but after retiring, Conte, who won the Premier League and Serie A four times, has yet to make a name for himself on the European stage, winning just 14 of his 54 Champions League matches as manager. not left

It’s an unrecognizable record alongside Conte’s accomplishments in domestic football, but the platform is there to set the record straight after the Group Stage against Eintracht Frankfurt, Sporting Lisbon and Marseille. luck on its quest for European glory?

“First of all, I am happy to be in the Champions League,” said Conte. “When I arrived in November, no one could have imagined that Tottenham would play in the Champions League, because they had a very difficult time last season.

“We have to enjoy this competition. I know very well that this competition is difficult because we have to find a team for us.”

“We want to be competitive, we want to fight and show that we are on the right track, but the Champions League is historically a difficult competition to win.

“You can be a better player, you can be stronger, but you also need luck with draws to avoid getting hurt in the crucial moments. This tournament is not simple.”

“The teams that win in the Premier League are the most consistent teams in 38 games, and in the Champions League, the circumstances are different and you need a little luck to win.”

Sunday, August 28, 4:00 p.m.

4:30pm kickoff

They will face a club steeped in European heritage when they travel to the City Ground to face newly promoted Nottingham Forest on Sunday before setting off on their European adventure.

As Conte explains, the message for Spurs is simple: “Usually when you play against promotion-winning teams in the first season you find a team with a lot of enthusiasm, but the atmosphere is very difficult, Noisy when playing games.

“Nottingham Forest started the season well with four points and they had a very good transfer window to try to improve the team.

“I repeat the same thing every time to the players and the media. It’s not going to be an easy game. I know I have to fight with 100% concentration and concentration. Otherwise I will lose points or , draw or lose.”

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