Appropriations Bill Will Push U.S. Economy Toward ‘Neo-Marxist’, Collectivist Model: Ex-Treasury Official

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Former Treasury official Monica Crowley said on Tuesday’s “Jesse Watters Primetime” that the Inflation Reduction Act is pushing the U.S. economy toward a “more neo-Marxist” and collectivist model. rice field.

Monica Crowley: [Democrats] Have An important group of people on their side to protect them is the media. With the protection of the mainstream press, you can get away with literally anything. So this is repackaged and communism never dies. Only the brand is changed.

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And here is another bill that will move this country away from economic freedom and free market capitalism to a more neo-Marxist and collectivist model. So when the left talks to you about climate change, when they say they really care about environmental protection, they may have top-line concerns about those issues. or not.Again, it’s about rebuilding the US economy, and the reason is energy sector It’s the greatest means they have available to achieve that, and that’s what they keep attacking, and that’s why they keep using it the way they do.


Watch the full interview below.

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