Are you thinking of investing in real estate?3 options you may not have considered

Are you thinking of investing in real estate?3 options you may not have considered

If you’ve ever considered diving into real estate investing, you’re in good company.

A significant percentage of home sales in the first half of this year were driven by investors rather than by people planning to live in the homes.

In the first quarter of this year, it accounted for 20.1% of homes purchased by investors, according to one study, and remained strong at 19.4% in the second quarter. report From real estate broker Redfin.

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Looking ahead, investors’ share of quarterly home sales hovered around 15% in the days before the 2019 pandemic.

Clearly, many consider real estate investments profitable. But here’s something worth knowing.

real estate investment tips

While buying a single-family home or multi-family home as an investment and watching the rent roll in is certainly a viable option, there are other options. We invest in real estate, but some don’t immediately come to mind for the average investor.

Let’s look at three:

  • traditional rental property

One of the reasons why it’s worth considering running Airbnb is the tax benefits it offers. Traditional rental properties, such as single-family homes, cannot take a loss on the property to offset the income earned from W-2 work.

Something called the passive loss rule prevents this. But Airbnb is different. Because people who rent space from you aren’t staying for as long as a six-month or one-year lease.

Typically, Airbnb stays are 7 days or less, which means Airbnb is considered an active business. Without going into all the legality here, what that means is that it’s likely that losses can be deducted for depreciation and the initial cost of providing and equipping these places. This can mean significant tax cuts and savings.

This is also kind of what happens when you own a house and rent it out. In house hacking, you buy a house with multiple units (apartments or individual rooms) and live in it while having tenants pay most or all of the costs.

You pay your mortgage with the rent you bring in from the tenant. Of course, while you’re paying off your mortgage, you can borrow the equity to buy another property.

House hacking is a particularly good strategy for young investors who are new to real estate and don’t have the cash needed to purchase an investment property.

One of the main differences between investing in a trailer home and investing in a traditional home is that in a trailer home the land and the house are not always the same.

Some trailer home investors own the land and not the trailer. Tenants bring their own and rent pads. Others, like my own mobile home, own both the pad and the trailer and rent both out to tenants.

But for business purposes, we keep them separate. Pad is in his one limited liability company that also owns the land. I put the trailer in another LLC. After that, both properties will be leased to an operating company and transactions will be conducted with tenants.

Of course, the reason we do this is because we want to separate the land from trailers and tenants.We minimized our overall risk exposure should anything happen.


Each of these options can be a great investment for you, but each has its own set of questions, including how best to structure your business, what is tax deductible and what is not. entails legal issues.

Before you start investing, you may make a mistake and regret it, but seek help from a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of real estate investing. Then jump in. Real estate investing can be lucrative for those who come to understand how to best manage it and profit from it.

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