Aspen, Colorado Real Estate Market…Red Hot or Slumping? New Luxury Residences at White Elephant Resort Help You Decide

Aspen, Colorado
Aspen, Colorado at night. pc: Mansion Global

Be careful. Do not blink. Aspen’s real estate market is booming again, at least according to luxury hospitality management group White Elephant Resorts (WER).

Historically, the Aspen real estate market has been a great investment, with the only real risk being on the sidelines. It has amassed a ridiculous profit in value. According to Colorado Sun journalist Jason Blevins, his returns over the last 30 to 40 years have been better investments than the S&P 500 and most commodities markets!

Over the past year or so, the variables seem to have changed and the trend is changing. The market is now trending downwards as record highs, higher mortgage rates, record low inventories and a 41% (210% vs. 354%) drop in combined sales of Aspen and Snowmass compared to last year It seems to be in

Tim Esputin Aspen Real Estate
Tim Estin Aspen Real Estate Market Report, June 2022. pc: estinaspen

Despite these warning signals, WER jumped at the chance to enter the market in 2021 with the acquisition of Aspen Hotels last year. and eye-popping price The $37.5 million contract firmly planted WER in Aspen Valley and gave it the necessary footprint for future development.

WER is a well-known hospitality group whose website says:We offer a collection of unique boutique hotels and luxury resorts in Nantucket and Palm Beach, Florida.’ And what sets us apart from our competitors is how well we combine unique amenities and activities seamlessly at the customer’s fingertips to create an unforgettable luxury vacation experience. Here is a list of possibilities for those who have

The WER acquisition proved significant as it had the right to develop three 5,000-square-foot luxury homes in Aspen Valley, as well as a hotel. The house is located near Hotel Jerome and within walking distance to downtown. Offering a chalet-style design with an open floor plan, it features high-end appliances and finishes. These magnificent chalets boast world-class views of Aspen and, like all authentic luxury properties, have their own private elevator.

White Elephant Luxury Residence
An artist rendition of the luxury homes of the new White Elephant Resort. pc: robbery report

This incredibly gorgeous home isn’t the only key value point WER hopes to capitalize on. but also from unrivaled access to a wide range of luxurious services. While the residence is not directly affiliated with White Elephant Hotel, we anticipate similar opportunities such as:

  • Hotel concierge service
  • Private underground parking
  • Signature benefits at 5-star restaurants
  • Private room service
  • Access to the hotel pool and spa
  • Access to a complete list of hotel activities and programs

Speaking to another journalist about WER’s new arrival, Aspen real estate advisor Joran Nemirou said:

We are extremely honored and excited to introduce the White Elephant brand to Aspen.The White Elephant Hotel is our Nantucket and Palm Beach property. The White Elephant’s grand entrance to Aspen will feature three new chalets.

It’s unclear at this time what WER plans to do with the former Hotel Aspen. But if WER’s other properties in Nantucket and Palm Beach are demonstrating its capabilities, we think Aspen luxury buyers have something special in store!

In the meantime, check out these pics!

New luxury kitchen white elephant
kitchen. pc: robbery report
living room luxury home
Living room. pc: robbery report
luxury kitchen
kitchen. pc: robbery report
Luxurious Open Floor Plan, Aspen
Enjoy a luxurious life with an open floor plan. pc: robbery report
Extra Guest Bunk Bed Aspen Colorado
Bunk beds for additional guests. pc: robbery report
a place to sit.Aspen, Colorado
sitting area.pc:robbreport
bedroom.Aspen, Colorado
Bedroom.pc: Robbery Report

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