Asylum Seeker Advocates Call on NYC Leaders, Federal Government to Help Arriving Migrants

Immigrant rallies were held in Manhattan, where advocates and elected leaders demanded that the federal government step in and help asylum seekers continue to arrive in New York City.

Nearly 8,000 immigrants from states such as Texas and Arizona arrived by bus in New York and Washington DC last month, according to published reports.

Texas and Arizona governors say this is their reaction to President Joe Biden’s so-called open-border policy. Earlier this month, Mayor Eric Adams called Governor Greg Abbott’s busing of immigrants “un-American.”

Masbia Relief volunteers told News 12 that many of them arrived hungry. Some were even wearing no shoes. They say the majority had no idea what their next move was when they arrived in New York.

The New York Immigrant Coalition converged on the steps of City Hall to call on the government to meet the needs of immigrants arriving by bus.

The coalition says federal, state and local governments need to step up when it comes to providing services and support.

Organizers plan to launch a Welcome New York campaign. The initiative’s goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible and provide asylum seekers with all the resources they need to find jobs, places to stay, and more.

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