Atlanta Food & Wine Festival: A Survival Guide

Over 5 days, about 100 chefs will participate at multiple venues in the city,th The annual Atlanta Food & Wine Festival can be daunting, but we’ve prepared a handy ‘survival guide’ to help you enjoy the event.

🕯️Get intimate: This year’s festival actually kicks off on September 13th with the first series of events. intimate dinnerIt starts with Talat Market chefs Parnass Savang and Lucas Sin. Additional dinners will feature chefs from Lazy Betty, Iberian Pig, Redbird, Hattie B’s and The Americano. On September 15th, Aziza will be hosting a special Taste of Israel dinner by chef Lior Lev Serchaz. Tickets for the intimate dinner are very limited, so get them here.

🔪 Knife out: Pizza, brisket, quiche, fruit, cheese, desserts, and basically anything you can slice Sliced: Atlanta’s best bite-sized cuts It will take place at the Guardian Works on September 15th from 7-10pm. Tickets available here include unlimited food, alcohol and live entertainment.

🐔 What is crack? If you are a fan of birds, Cluck’d: Chicken & Cocktail Soiree cries. Held at Guardian Works on September 16th from 7pm to 10pm, the night features more than 20 chefs grilling, braising and frying chicken with cocktails, music and dancing. don’t fly! Click here for limited tickets.

to the tent! Historic Force Ward Park hosts the annual tasting tent More than 30 chefs showcase their favorite dishes at the festival’s marquee event, September 17-18. Get your tickets here and be aware that there is VIP entry that allows you to enter an hour early.

➡ For updates and to purchase tickets, visit and follow @atlfoodandwine.

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