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Audriana Judith is the daughter of ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ stars Teresa Guidice and Joe Guidice. She was born in New Jersey on September 14, 2009 at 5:56 pm and weighed 7 pounds. Her mother wanted her “Adriana” to sound Italian, so she created and gave her the name “Audriana”, so she added the “u”.

Guidice rose to fame on the reality show The Real House Wives of New Jersey starring his mother, Teresa. Her guide grew on the show because she was born the same year the show started, and everyone has seen Guidice grow into a stunning young woman ever since. Her birth was recorded in season two of the show in September 2009. For her 11th birthday, Guidice celebrated with her two-tiered candy in pink and gold, with her 11 number glittering at the top. On her 12th birthday, Guidice’s mother praised her for her dedication to her school and dance classes. In February 2019, Guidice walked the runway for Her Fashion Week in New York with her mother and her sister Milania.

Guidice has dealt with the ups and downs of fame with her parents’ legal troubles becoming public. Her mother and father are in jail on fraud charges. Guidice found this period very difficult and often cried when people at her school made fun of her.

Guidice overcame family problems with the help of loved ones. Guidice, her siblings, and her parents do not have middle names. She’s not a fan of videos or photos, and contrary to popular opinion about reality stars, Guidice prefers a private life.She often travels to Italy to spend time with her father and share all her memories. I make the most of my time by capturing.

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