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Since 2004, the Eliza Page boutique in downtown Austin, Texas has become a mecca for jewelery lovers thanks to its stylish mix of design-driven jewelery and non-traditional engagement rings. actually, JCKMore was so impressed with the store that in 2010, it featured founder and CEO Elizabeth Gibson (pictured) in one of the earliest Store We Adore columns.

So when we ran into Gibson at JCK Las Vegas in June, we found her to be a great source of information on all the latest trends. After the dust of the fair has settled, JCKMore I caught up with her on the phone to talk all about fall fashion, with an emphasis on trends she spotted shopping during Las Vegas Jewelry Week. I enjoyed the opportunity to connect with friends and vendor IRLs.

“Since COVID, we’ve been reordering somewhat virtually and with smaller shows, but it’s always great to see these collections in person and meet people face-to-face,” Gibson said. say. “We are a retailer and face-to-face relationships are very important to us.”

Below, Gibson talks about the 2022 trends he believes will hold up, what to expect for fall, and which decade is most important in terms of contemporary style.

Did you come to Las Vegas with a specific shopping list? If so, what was on it?

We were looking for a chain, chain, chain, and tennis riviere necklace style. Plus, because her stack is huge, she was looking for a way, shape, or form to keep her creativity going. Ear climbers are back, jackets are back, dangles are back, and her 80s to 90s glam her look is back. This is really fun.Spherical chains, hoops, thick rings, thick cuffs Big, bold, preppy dynasty look. everything we grew up with.

Zoe Chicco chain-link pearl earrings
Small curb chain drop earrings with tiny pearls, 14k gold, $250.Zoe Chicco

What designers and trends caught your attention at the show?

Having worked with Zoë Chicco for a long time, she is always on the cutting edge and the prices are very friendly.

We have worked with Diramani for many years and their fashion jewelery is truly amazing. First time he met Doves and was really impressed with their collection. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also really trendy.

dove hamsa pendant
Hamsa necklace in 18k yellow gold with diamonds, mother-of-pearl and lapis. $2,053; Pigeons by Doron Paloma

For me, as a designer-focused store, some of these luxury factory brands do an excellent job of being on trend or staying ahead of trends, such as Midas. increase.

You’ll also see returning animals such as butterflies, snakes, lions, cougars and ladybirds. Hart is back. A sweet feminine look. And, of course, bright enamel.

Zoe Chicco Gold Lion Ring
Lion headband ring in 14k gold with diamond eyes, $1,500.Zoe Chicco

What trends are your clients paying attention to the most right now?

Those 80’s style chunky chains and, sure, the ear stacks are huge. I really enjoy curating with people. You’re mostly getting your clothes together, but it’s the jewelry that helps you combine and share what works best, such as multiple hoops or different shaped studs. I am very happy to share my experience with you.

Eliza Page Double Star Studs
Double star stud in 14k gold with diamonds, $690.Eliza Page

What trends are you looking forward to in the fall?

We’re moving to bridal in the fall, and obviously the last quarter of the year has been pretty strong. People are getting bigger and bolder. I think this is a feature of Instagram. What they see online is what they want on their finger. Emerald cut and typical thick rings, medallions, chunky chains, and multiple curated earrings. All these trends are ongoing.

Dilamani Gold Cancer Medallion
Cancer zodiac medallion with 0.08 ct in 14k gold. His two diamonds in a paperclip chain, $2,250.dilamani

Did you notice any new trends or themes at the show?

We’ve only seen a few on the toi et moi two-stone ring trend. I made one for a client on a custom level and I started seeing it being made. I don’t know how long it will last, but it’s a lot of fun. White gold is back. We are primarily a yellow gold store, but there is no doubt that white gold is very well done and mixes it with yellow.

Faceted White Gold Chain Link Bracelet
0.9 ct chain link bracelet in 14K white gold. tw diamonds, $5,999, Facet Barcelona

Overall, how do you feel about the business circa 2022? Do you expect demand for jewelry to persist this fall?

We have seen customer behavior return to normal, pre-pandemic levels. Many people are out of town for the summer they used to do before the pandemic. Earnings haven’t changed, but the way people shop seems to be back to normal. I pay close attention to economic news and am cautiously optimistic. We all learned a lot as business owners. Jewelry is uniquely positioned as a handmade product and I’m so glad we were able to bring people what they need and want to buy for Christmas. . And I feel good about the rest of 2022.

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