‘Back to School Shop’ Provides Stanford Students with Year 8 Outfit

It’s time to go back to school shopping. For hundreds of Stanford kids, it’s an annual experience they wouldn’t enjoy without the help of the non-profit Back to School Shop.

Co-founders Jane Levene and Meryl Japha, both Stanford residents, launched the organization in 2015. Their eighth annual event was held all day Sunday inside Davenport Ridge Elementary School. School Social Her workers have identified 400 of her children who will greatly benefit from this one-stop shop for backpacks, books, school supplies, socks, underwear, and even winter coats and hats. Did.

“All bought new. Nothing used here. Tags still on,” Levine said.

Fourth grader Kendra Lopez and her siblings were overjoyed as they walked through a gymnasium-turned-department store without their parents.

Levene says: They try on in the fitting room. ”

“I like the helpers here. They are really nice,” said Kendra. Her personal shopper, Lisa Rich, says the feeling is mutual.

“Every time I stop by, from socks to sneakers to books, it puts a big smile on her face,” Rich said.

Volunteers say the excitement doesn’t end when they’re done shopping. Watching children walk to their parents with new clothes and school supplies is priceless.

“The last girl I brought back to her mother gave each other a high-five, so it was really cool,” Rich said.

Kendra was a little shy in front of the News 12 cameras, but her mom was very appreciative. she loves She’s the best thing that could ever happen. ”

Back to School Shop has helped over 2,000 children since 2015. According to the co-founder, the donor and her 1,000 community volunteers have been very generous.

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