Baggage Claim: Fashion Designer Tanya Taylor Shares Current Travel Essentials

American fashion designer Tanya Taylor’s design philosophy has always been rooted in art, color and creativity. She hand-paints every print shown in each collection, which includes US women’s sizes 0-22.

Her style has many influences, from first lady Dr. Jill Biden and Michelle Obama to Hollywood celebrities like Meryl Streep, Tracy Ellis Ross, Kacey Musgraves, Gigi Hadid, and Aidy Bryant. It has been worn by powerful women.

Taylor is planning a special family vacation this summer. He visits the historic sights of Belfast and Dublin, Wimbledon and the British Grand Prix in London (not to mention a Rolling His Stones concert), and the port of Greece where he enjoys beachside downtime at Helios. Different climates, events, and locations (not to mention packing two young children) present interesting packing challenges.

Taylor recently shared more luck About the essentials when she leaves the house.

“My best ideas come when I travel and see new sights and sounds. It’s great to be able to sketch everything with an iPad and a pencil.”

“Even in my daily life, I love products that do double duty (which is also one of my design philosophies), and even more so when it comes to travel. It’s a go-to and I’ve used many bottles. It’s really gentle on my skin, yet effective and a refreshing way to end a day of exploring in the sun.”

“After each trip, I would make a Polaroid and postcard collage with the kids of the museums we visited. I think it helps me to grow into an energetic and expressive individual.”

“I wear handmade sandals all summer long. I can’t resist sandals that are bold and chic, and are very comfortable even on long walks. I believe that style and functionality can coexist.”

“A stylish, sturdy bag that holds everything you need for a day exploring the city, not just for yourself, but for your two young children.”

good book

“I don’t have a lot of free time to read, but I do like to unwind with a good book. One of those movies is Maggie Gyllenhaal’s [adaptation of] lost daughterso I have [the novel] On my reading list for my next trip. I love how Elena Ferrante’s books explore the complexities of female relationships and inspire people to travel. ”

“When I was designing my summer swim collection, I specifically wanted a style that would work as a bodysuit for a fun night out. I can’t wait to wear this swimsuit for a date night at the beach.

This is a Baggage Claim article formerly known as 5 to Pack. It’s a series featuring luminaries from a variety of backgrounds and industries that reveals what to always carry with you when traveling for business or leisure.

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