Baldwin property sales slowing.

Gulf. Alabama (WKRG) — More ‘For Sale’ signs in front of homes around Baldwin County? A sign that property sales are slowing.

Kevin Corcoran is the broker for Gulf Shores Remax. He said this is the slowest he’s had in a while.

“We are looking at the market every month and looking at the total number of units sold, sales are somewhat flat and inventory is increasing month by month. It has almost quadrupled since around March. For example, there are as many condos on the market as there were just six months ago,” Corcoran says.

Inventory is growing, but some say they struggled to find suitable properties.

Christine Mendik, who moved to Baldwin County from New Jersey in April, said she only had two homes in Gulf Shores that caught her eye. She says she got lucky.

“We came across this development and this house was in custody and it fell through. ” said Mendik.

The number of units sold has decreased compared to last year, and even communities in northern Baldwin County are seeing more for sale signs than for sale signs.

“The further north you go in the county, the less periodic it is,” says Corcoran. “A lot of it depends on the grade level and the nature of it. I hate to think otherwise, but it’s been a while, but the numbers are still incredible.”

Mr Corcoran said the property market will pick up sales again as fall approaches.

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