Balloon Fest brings entertainment and fun to Lycoming, sports, jobs

The 16th Annual Balloon Fest will be held this weekend, bringing fun, food and entertainment to Lycoming County.

The event runs Saturday from 10am to 9pm and Sunday from 10am to 3pm.

Hot air balloons are launched in the early morning and late afternoon, weather permitting, and other events including air show attractions such as the Paradigm Aviator, Geronimo Skydiving, Whiskey 7 and BT-13 military aircraft. Jason Flood Air Show, ATV Drag Race. BMX, heavy equipment rodeos, puppet shows, vendors and laser light shows kick off the weekend. The laser show is choreographed to music by Darryl Lewis, owner of Dutman Productions.

“This is a unique, family-friendly and affordable event with something for everyone.” Festival Committee Chair Sandy Spencer said:

“All our entertainers are professionals and one has to look far to find an event with so much to see and do at such an affordable price…and free parking.” Spencer said.

Balloon Fest began in 2006 when the then president-elect of Rotary was looking for ways to increase membership and participation.

“He presented the vision of the hot air balloon festival as something people would want to be a part of. What started with hot air balloons, vendors and some entertainment has grown into something much bigger.” Spencer said.

It was originally a Montoulsville Rotary event, but a few years later Rotary clubs from Hughesville, Muncie, and Williamsport also participated.

“Last year, the Commission took steps to become an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on STEM learning and how those subjects impact aviation. ” Spencer said. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s rewarding when it all comes together and people are enjoying what a small group of volunteers has created.”

The Balloon Fest Committee needs volunteers.

“We really still need some [volunteers] You can join the committee by signing up online. ” Spencer said. “I want to thank the people who made it happen. The volunteers who came to work at our gates and worked with us all year round, and most importantly our loyal and generous sponsors. Without the sponsors who support this event with products and more, we would not be able to make the event so affordable and offer what we do.

Vendors, Balloon Ride and Whiskey 7 Ride spots can all be booked online.

“Advance ticket prices are available online or at the ticket office until 5pm on Thursday. Tickets are also available at the gate, although prices are slightly higher at the gate.” Spencer said.

Those interested in the event are encouraged to follow BalloonFest on Facebook for updates.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on Facebook, check out our website for answers and links (volunteer, balloon ride, W7 ride). Most people on the committee work full time and our time is precious. If you can do your part by checking the website first, I really appreciate it. ”

For more information on Balloonfest, please visit Facebook ( or website (

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