Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson fail to extend contract

lamar jacksonA voluntary deadline for reaching an agreement to extend the contract has passed, but no contract has been signed. Baltimore RavensThe superstar QB will play the fifth-year option this season.

Ravens general manager Eric DeCoster released the following statement Friday morning:

On Friday’s “First Things First,” Nick Wright said the two sides couldn’t come to an agreement ahead of the Ravens’ season opener against the New York Jets (Sunday at 1 p.m. ET). I was shocked,” he explained in detail.

“These are two teenagers playing a game of chicken,” Wright said. “[They’re] Both are ridiculous about this. This could end in disaster for everyone.Everyone [has] We talked about why it’s dangerous for Lamar, and we know it. His build, position, style of play – you’d probably think he’s more likely to get an injury like that than most…and it hurts his market value more than many other quarterbacks. That’s why it’s incredibly dangerous for him, but I don’t know if anyone ever talked about how dangerous this is for the Ravens. “

“Everyone is saying, ‘Just give him a franchise tag,'” Wright continued. “No one delves into what that means. [are] There are two types of franchise tags: non-exclusive and exclusive. The non-exclusive franchise tag will pay him $32 million next year. [The] The Ravens want to pay him $32 million next year, but that means any team in the league can get him with two first-round picks, so they can’t offer it to him. I can’t do it. $45 million next year, $55 million the next year.”

Greg Jennings, on the other hand, isn’t too worried about the Ravens superstar signal-caller.

“[Jackson] He knows the risks, the Ravens know the risks,” Jennings said. [the] super ball. So for me this is smart on his behalf.If you’re Lamar Jackson, you understand all the holes you drive and try to avoid, but he [has] I’ve dodged a lot more than potholes, so I think he’ll be fine. “

Jackson, one of the few players to represent himself in the NFL, is set to make about $23 million this year and will be eligible for the franchise tag next season. If not tagged, he would be an unrestricted free agent.

Jackson, 25, was working with DeCoster and Ravens executives to complete the extension before Friday so he could focus on the season without distractions.

“Come on kickoff, I don’t talk about contracts,” Jackson said earlier in the week.

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